Accept Stripe Payments Using Contact Form 7


Introducing ZealousWeb’s new way to get paid online: easily accept credit card payments on your website using Stripe and Contact Form 7. With our plugin, Accept Stripe Payments Using Contact Form 7, anyone can receive payments from customers hassle-free. Just add the plugin to your website, and any Contact Form 7 becomes a safe payment spot. Customers fill out the form, and Stripe takes care of the rest, making sure it’s quick and secure.

No need for hard setups or extra tools. It’s all about keeping things easy and safe for businesses big and small. Give our plugin a try today and watch your revenue grow without any payment headaches for your customers.

Features of Accept Stripe Payments Using Contact Form 7

  • You can get paid in 25 different currencies.
  • You can make various payment forms using Contact Form 7.
  • It can handle input from different types of fields like dropdowns, textboxes, radio buttons, etc.
  • It can take values from the website like item description, price, email, quantity, and customer info.
  • You can test payments before going live.
  • With the free version, you can see up to 10 payment transactions in the admin area.
  • You can easily export payment data to a CSV file.
  • The admin can filter and search payment data easily.
  • Admins can view or delete payment data easily.
  • You can use a shortcode [stripe-details] to show transaction details like ID, amount, and status.
  • Both the customer and admin get emails after payment.
  • You can customize the content of these emails.
  • Stripe payment tag added to email content will display stripe payment response in email.
  • You can set ‘Success Return URL’ and ‘Cancel Return URL’ pages to redirect after the payment transaction.
  • Compatibility of WordPress VIP.

Get more Features check our Pro version here

Check out the Pro plugin documentation link !here.

Plugin Requirement

PHP version : 5.4 and latest
WordPress version : WordPress 3.0 and latest

Getting Help With Plugin

If you have any difficulties while using this Plugin, please feel free to contact us at

We also offer custom WordPress extension development and WordPress theme design services to fulfill your e-commerce objectives.

Our professional WordPress experts provide customer-oriented development of your project within short timeframes.

Thank you for choosing a Plugin developed by ZealousWeb!


  • Stripe Demo Form
  • Stripe Settings and Configuration
  • Stripe Amount Field Configuration
  • Stripe Card Amount Field Configuration
  • Stripe Payments List Page
  • Stripe Transaction Detail Page


Installing the plugin is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard of your site, navigate to Plugins –> Add New.
  2. Select the Upload option and hit ”Choose File.”
  3. When the popup appears, select the file from your desktop.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait till the upload completes.
  5. When it’s finished, activate the plugin via the prompt. A message will display confirming activation was successful.

That’s it! Just configure your settings as you see fit, and you’re on your way to creating forms with Stripe in your style.
Are you facing problems while installation? Need help getting things started?

Vanliga frågor

How to get label and value separately in mail for dropdown field?

For dropdown field while using value and label separately example:
[select menu-696 ”t1|20” ”t2|30” ”t3|40” ”t4|50” ”t5|60”],
To get the value after pipe character, put the usual mail-tag corresponding to the form-tag ([menu-696] in the mail templates.
To get value before pipe, you can use [raw{field name}] Example[_raw_menu-696].

Can I set Test mode for Stripe for testing?

Yes, You can set Test mode from admin for testing with Test API, and after the success, you can use your stripe payment with Live Mode.

Can I show transaction details on another page?

Yes, you can show transaction details on the page using shortcode -[stripe-details], but that shows one time when payment is done and redirected to Thank you Page.

Can I show transaction details on email content?

Yes, as same as using show another page using shortcode you can use same on email content – [stripe-details]


5 juni 2024 1 svar
We had a number of extra requests which were dealt with very helpfully and quickly. I can only recommend!
23 januari 2024 2 svar
I have raised a bug with them and they helped in fixing that in really quick, very good communication/support and off-course plugin is good too.
30 oktober 2023 2 svar
This plugin is great for creating my payment page and the support is excellent and very helpful for solving issues. I highly recommend to use this plugin. Thank you for great support!
17 oktober 2023 2 svar
The free plugin offers excellent support. They respond promptly, and their support team is among the best in the world. I’m planning to purchase the pro version of the plugin.
6 september 2023
I cannot speak highly enough about the ”Accept Stripe Payments Using Contact Form 7” WordPress plugin and their support team. Their excellent was quick to reply, good at communication, and supported us to overcome a bug we were experiencing. I would highly recommend!
15 november 2022
Thank you for this plugin, very useful if you want to sell a product or service directly with CF7. We use the PRO version. Very good support too, which has responded to the various problems encountered so far.
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  • Improved compatibility with WordPress VIP platform by refactoring code to adhere to VIP coding standards.


  • The problem with the log file on the frontend has been resolved.


  • Transactions failing bug fixed.


  • Uploaded missing API library files(fixed fatal error on activation), Updated Payment intent script.


  • Fixed fatal error of API Requestor library.


  • Updated API requestor library.


  • Fixed contact form 7 Form setting for saving sandbox value for stripe.


  • Updated the Stripe Library : Made use of the Payment Intents API that can handle complex payment flows.


  • Fix : solved issue of showing Message on Submit


  • Fix : Testing with lates CF7 5.6 and WP 6.0.1 and fix issues.


  • Fix minor bugs and improve functionality


  • Compatibility with latest cf7 version
  • Fix minor bugs and improve functionality


  • Initial Release