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ACF Repeater For Elementor


This plugin helps you repeat elementor elements/widgets/sections easy and simple as possible.
To use this plugin you will need elementor/elementor pro and ACF pro.


First set the class of the widget you would like to repeat, could be column/inner section/single widget like so: ”repeater_{name_of_the_repeater}”.
{name_of_the_repeater} is need to be replaced with the name of the repeater that you set using ACF Pro.
Now anywhere inside that widget/element you can set the parameters you would like to inject, like so: #name
”name” should be replaced by you to any field you set for the repeater.

name will be replaced when render the widget with the value of the row you set in the post.

For using toggle/accordion you should create a repeater with two fields (type text or Wysiwyg Editor) and set id of the title as tab_title and the content as tab_content.


Currently this plugin support only text/urls/accordion&toggle tabs.
Tested on elementor native elements only.


15 januari 2022
A very simple plugin that uses Elementor hooks to create repeater elements. Saved me a lot of time. I'm giving it 5* because it does exactly what it says it does, but it should really be 4* because the documentation could be slightly more clear. Thanks
4 augusti 2021
Although couldn't make it work on a column, just on a single widget. which helped out anyway. thanks for your work and your future updates too 🙂
21 juli 2021
Cool plugin. For example: repeater_{name_of_the_repeater} → repeater_NameField #name → #NameSubField Also class of the widget can be named "repeater_NameField mystyle", where "mystyle" it's your style for beautiful design. And that widget will have you custom style. Thank you!
30 juni 2021
Could be better if usage has screenshots of the setting of classes etc
22 juni 2021
Works as described. ACF repeater fields are able to be displayed in Elementor built pages. Thanks! Saved me having to purchase yet another bloated Elementor addon plugin.
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