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Admin Command Palette

Optimize WordPress admin navigation with a modal window to search for and navigate directly to WordPress admin pages.


You can customize the plugin settings on the Admin Command Palette settings page in the WordPress Admin. (Settings -> Admin Command Palette)

  • Threshold (Default: .3): this determines how closely a search query must match in order to return an item as a result. 0.0 must be a perfect match, 1.0 will match anything.
  • Max Results per Section (Default: 5): a max number of results per content type.
  • Group Results by Type: Results can be displayed one of two ways. The default is to display results in a flat list, ordered by closest match. Selecting this option displays results grouped by their content type, e.g., all the posts, pages, tags, categories, etc. will be grouped under individual subheadings.
  • Included Post Types (Default: none): Select post types from this checkbox group to include them in the search. All registered post types except for navigation menu items are included in this list.
  • Included Taxonomies (Default: none): Select taxonomies from this checkbox group to include them in the search. All registered taxonomies are included in this list.
  • Clear Content Cache: The data for this plugin is generated and loaded into the page from a cache that gets automatically cleared whenever new content is added. You can use this button to clear the cache manually.

How does the search determine a match?

The live search compares the search term against titles, e.g., a post title, an admin page title, or an admin action title, using the Fuse.js library to find results.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The ACP comes with some built-in keyboard shortcuts to make actions in the WordPress admin easier. You do not need to open the ACP in order to use the shortcuts.

  • - Clear input focus
  • ⇧+s - Primary button click
  • ⇧+p - Preview
  • ⇧+t - Trash
  • ⇧+v - Open Post/Page in New Tab
  • ⇧+n - Add New Post/Page
  • ⇧+f - Set Featured Image
  • - Pagination: next page
  • - Pagination: previous page
  • ⇧+→ - Pagination: last page
  • ⇧+← - Pagination: first page

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.13
Senast uppdaterat: 2 år ago
Aktiva installationer: 100+


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