Age Verification Screen for WooCommerce


Age Verification Screen for WooCommerce lets you restrict your website or particular pages of it using the age-restriction screen. Easily install and configure pop-up look and texts via customizer tool.

Major plugin features

  • Modal window or full-page pop-up to ask your users to verify their age when the page loads.
  • Show the age restriction pop-up only on those pages where you need it. You can choose what pages, products, categories, or any other post types or taxonomies would be age-restricted.
  • Select the minimum allowed age for your website.
  • Multiple ways to check user age. You can choose between two methods of age verification – a simple checkbox or confirm\cancel buttons.
  • Set up the look and feel of restriction pop-up via live customizer. Select background color or image, blur opacity, text color, etc.
  • All texts are editable through the customizer. You are able to edit the heading, description, texts on buttons, etc.
  • Redirect users on failure. Here you can find two default options – get the user to the previous page or any other page of your site (e.g., page w/ your age policy).
  • Accepts your theme styling by default. No need to work hard on pop-up styling; it fits your website style perfectly right off the bat.
  • Manage cookie lifetime. Age verification pop-up should not appear once more for those who previously passed the confirmation within XX days (established by you).

Additional features

  • An additional method to check the age. One more way to prevent users’ age is the date of birth picker.
  • Redirect to external URL. If the user doesn’t reach the minimum required age, you can redirect him to the external website instead of your internal page.
  • Age-restriction for custom taxonomies and custom post types. In case you need to restrict particular custom taxonomies or post types instead of regular ones (like product categories, products, pages, etc).
  • Assistance from plugin developers first hand.


  • Full page restriction screen
  • Modal Window – Checkbox
  • Modal Window – Confirm Buttons
  • wp-admin Settings


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate Age Checker for WooCommerce from Plugins page

Vanliga frågor

Can plugin somehow hurt my SEO?

Nope. Age verification pop-up doesn’t interfere with crawlers to index your website.

Can I restrict one specific page, not a whole site?

Sure you can. Simply choose what type of content you wish to restrict, then go to this page/post/taxonomy/etc and tick the age-restriction checkbox in settings.

How do the cookies work?

If the user already passed the age-check, we save cookie files in their browser, so if they come back again, they passed verification automatically.


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Release Date: May 11, 2024
* Security fixes
* Bug fixes & minor improvements


Release Date: Mar 29, 2022
* Security fix
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Release Date: Mar 18, 2021
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