All-in-One WP Migration


Introduced in 2013 and used by over 60 million websites, All-in-One WP Migration is verifiably one of WordPress’ most trusted and utilized plugins for moving websites with absolute ease.

Intently built with the non-technical user in mind, All-in-One WP Migration comes loaded with newbie-friendly functions that allow you to migrate your WordPress website with little to no technical knowledge or experience.

Är du redo att migrera din webbplats? Det är lika snabbt och enkelt som 1, 2, 3:

  1. Installera tillägget All-in-One WP Migration.
  2. Hit the export button to bundle your database, media files, plugins, and themes into one tidy file.
  3. Unpack the file at the new location with an easy-to-use ”drag and drop” feature in the WordPress dashboard of your new website.

Follow these three simple steps, and your site will be live at its new location with minimal stress and zero downtime!

One feature that makes All-in-One WP Migration widely loved (to the tune of over 6,000 5-star user reviews) is that the technical requirements for installing the plugin are simple.

If you have WordPress version between 3.3 and 6.0 and PHP version between 5.3 and 8.2.6, you are good to go. All-in-One WP Migration also supports all versions of MySQL and MariaDB.

Features Spotlight:

  • Stöder anpassade uppladdningar, tillägg, temamappar och mer.
  • Available in over 50 language translations – including Japanese.
  • Accessible for individuals with disabilities (WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant)
  • No limitations on host or operating system.
  • Supports a vast range of hosting providers — click here for a full list of supported providers.
  • En lång lista med premium-utökningar som ger dig kraften att göra mer.
  • Mobile device compatible.
  • Intelligent and flawless auto-replacement of website url during import.
  • Fullständig produktsupport.
  • Bläddra WPRESS-filer online med Traktor Web
  • Extract WPRESS files on your computer with Traktor Desktop
  • Och mycket mer!

Här är andra anledningar att använda All-in-One WP Migration …

Betrodd av regeringen och stora företag:

Many enterprise customers, government organizations, and universities use, love, and trust All-in-One WP Migration. Here are some: Boeing, NASA, VW, IBM, Harvard University, Stanford University, Lego, P&G, Automattic, State of California, State of Hawaii.
This broad adoption and usage of All-in-One WP Migration demonstrate how safe, reliable and adaptable the plugin is for just about any website migration need.

Full Compatibility and Support:

All-in-One WP Migration has been extensively tested and confirmed to be compatible with most WordPress plugins and themes.
This means you don’t get to experience cross-plugin compatibility issues that can slow down, bug, or break down your WordPress website when you install and use All-in-One WP Migration.
As a matter of fact, All-in-One WP Migration has partnered with multiple theme/plugin vendors to distribute their themes/plugins with us as a single, easy to use, easy to install package.
These vendors trust us and our plugin to provide their customers with reliable product delivery, support, migrations, and backups.

Molnlagring stöds:

All-in-One WP Migration supports and syncs seamlessly with top cloud storage services.
The plugin comes preinstalled on all Bitnami WordPress sites running on AWS, Google Compute Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Kontakta oss


All-in-One WP Migration is designed to fully respect and protect the personal information of its users. It asks for your consent to collect the user’s email address when filling the plugin’s contact form.
All-in-One WP Migration is in full compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
See our GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy here.


  • Mobil exportsida
  • Mobil importsida
  • Tilläggsmeny


  1. All-in-One WP Migration can be installed directly through your WordPress
    Plugins dashboard.
  2. Klicka på ”Lägg till ny” och sök efter ”All-in-One WP Migration”
  3. Installera och aktivera

Alternatively, you can download the plugin using the download button on this page and then upload the all-in-one-wp-migration folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory then activate throught the Plugins dashboard in WordPress


1 juni 2023
I don't buy the Pro version of plugins very often, but I did this one - years ago - and I've used it more times than I can count. It's worked when no other backup system has. Thank you! PS, I don't usually leave reviews either - but I decided to since it just gave me a gentle link as I was once again using it for a website transfer...much better than the latest "in your face" constant popups of other plugins trying to get me to leave a review. Again, thanks for the years I've already gotten out of this wonderful plugin!
31 maj 2023
Had my client's website down for 1/2 a day using this garbage plugin. Downloaded the backup (665MB). Uploaded it and it got stuck at 100%. Tried again. No joy. It was an approved host. Your plugin doesn't work.
30 maj 2023
Exports made with earlier and the latest version cannot be imported with the latest version.An endless loop of 'Checking Extensions' is encountered.To enable a previous export to be imported it is necessary to install version 6.77. That said, this is a great plug-in which works well. Thanks.
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  • Custom backups path on database import step



  • Resolved an ongoing issue with the compatibility of the plugin with servers running Imunify360. The file ”wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/functions.php” was being falsely flagged and deleted due to a detection error. This update includes small changes to the ”functions.php” file to modify its checksum and prevent the false flag by Imunify360


  • Imunify360 has updated its signatures, which should prevent this issue from occurring on servers running the updated version. However, this plugin update serves as an additional measure to ensure that the issue is resolved for all users



  • Bättre stöd för PHP 8.1



  • Backups time based on selected WordPress time zone



  • Removed the AI1WM_MAX_FILE_SIZE constant. This constant is no longer necessary