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Drive higher engagement with your content today. Altis Accelerate seamlessly integrates with the Block Editor and other WordPress features to give you unparalleled access to the next generation of marketing technologies.

Creating content and optimising SEO are great foundations, but how do you know your content is truly reaching its potential?

Important: In order to use Altis Accelerate, you need to register for an account at . This allows us to provide you with an API key to power the analytics backbone.


  • Content Explorer, a new way to view your sites content and performance, including seeing all your reusable blocks in one place. Finally a dashboard made for marketers.
  • Native Analytics, our in-house analytics solution built on top of AWS means all views, clickthroughs, conversions are tracked by us and owned by you (with a maximum 90-day retention).

Next Release(s):

Instantly unleash your content and ideas with our upcoming features :

  • A/B Testing Blocks, create multiple variants within a block and compare their performance.
  • Personalization Blocks, create variants for different audiences within a block.
  • Broadcast Blocks, distribute new blocks or campaigns throughout your site in one click.

All of these use our native analytics backbone which complies with GDPR (see below)


  • Content Explorer, a new way to view your sites content and performance, including seeing all your reusable blocks in one place. Finally a dashboard made for marketers.


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Altis Accelerate requires a free account in order to receive an API key, please register here

Vanliga frågor

How is the analytics hosted?

During this beta phase, all data is stored in the EU (specifically in Frankfurt, Germany). We may offer other jurisdictions in the future — please let us know if you have any requests with regards to jurisdictions .Data is never shared with third parties, or transferred out of the region. Everything is hosted at AWS and automatically deleted after 90 days.

All data collected by Altis Accelerate is subject to the European GDPR regulations, as processed by Human Made Ltd, a UK registered company.

Altis Accelerate is business-to-business software, and contractual terms including consent may apply per your contract. We automatically collect business-level usage data under the terms of these contractual agreements, and you can choose to opt-in to providing personal data to help us make our product better.

Data about your visitors is automatically collected by Altis Accelerate to power analytics and personalisation features, based on the visitor’s opt-in status.

Why do I need an Altis subscription?

Altis automatically collects and processes analytics data using the Altis Analytics service. A connection to this paid service is required in order to collect and process this data.

Where did Reusable blocks go?

Altis Accelerate renames Reusable Blocks to Global Blocks, and introduces enhanced tools and workflows to fit the transition to the Global Block mindset. Existing reusable blocks will still exist under the Global Blocks name.


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