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Auto Link Generator iTunes


You write and post and have to go to iTunes Affiliate Network and search for the App and copy the link and insert it into your post.

This is very boring and lazy…

Now with this plugin everything goes automatically. Just insert your Affiliate Token and the Plugin will make an affiliate Link out of every iTunes Link you included in your blog.


  • Login iTunes Affiliate Network
  • In the top right of the you can find your Affiliate-Token
  • Copy it and paste it into the textfield in this plugin
  • Click: save token
  • Now every iTunes Link you insert into your blog will become an affiliate link.

Vanliga frågor


Why do I not see my affiliate token when I hover over my iTunes link?

The Auto Link Maker javascript is an onclick event so the affiliate token is added once the link has been clicked.

More Questions?

Do you have questions or found a bug? Feel free to mail me:


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1.0.0 – 07.03.2016

  • Init

1.0.1 – 11.03.2016

  • New Design
  • Include iFrame to Affiliate Network