Automatic YouTube Gallery


Create responsive, modern & dynamic video galleries by simply adding a YouTube USERNAME, CHANNEL, PLAYLIST, SEARCH KEYWORDS, or a custom list of video URLs.

The only dynamic YouTube gallery plugin with deeplinking capabilities.


  • Skapa obegränsade gallerier.
  • Automate your galleries using various YouTube sources like,
    • KANAL
    • Custom YouTube URLs list
  • Bädda in direktsändning automatiskt från en YouTube-kanal.
  • GDPR-samtycke före uppspelning.
  • Gutenberg Block support.
  • Shortcode Builder for the old classic editor and other third-party page builders.
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Built-in caching for quick page loads.
  • Most importantly, a Clear & Beautiful Admin Interface.
  • [+] Hooks for Developers.



Do you speak another language? Want to contribute in a meaningful way to Automatic YouTube Gallery? There’s no better way than to help us translate the plugin. This plugin is translation ready and you can translate to your language easily. Once finished, please reach out to us here to get your language file included in the core.


We do have documentation on the plugin.

Still, Having Issues? We are just an email away. Please write to us describing your issue using the ”Contact” form available under our plugin’s menu. You should receive a reply within 24 hours (except Sunday).

Also, we answer all support requests on the support forum.


  • Step 1: Install the Plugin
  • Step 2: Configure the YouTube API Key
  • Steg 3: Bygg galleriet
  • Klassiskt tema
  • Popup Theme
  • Slider Theme
  • Spellisttema
  • Plugin Settings
  • Gutenberg Block
  • Widget


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  • Automatic YouTube Gallery Build a dynamic YouTube gallery.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. From the WordPress Admin Panel, click on Plugins => Add New.
  3. Click on Upload, so you can directly upload your plugin zip file.
  4. Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, and then click on Install Now.
  5. Once installed, click ”Activate”.
  6. Then, go to the plugin dashboard, and configure your ”YouTube API Key” as per the instructions given on the page. Save the changes.
  7. That’s it. Now, you can start building your galleries straight away from the plugin dashboard.

For more detailed instructions visit plugin documentation.

Vanliga frågor

1. How to get a YouTube Data API Key?

Please follow get Youtube API instructions.

2. Help! My video gallery doesn’t look right!

First of all, don’t worry! I promise you that we can get it looking right. This can be caused by a multitude of things, so try the following (in the order of appearance):

  • Check your browser’s javascript console to see if there are any errors that may be causing this issue.
  • Make sure that your WordPress theme is not including multiple versions of jQuery and is using the latest version.
  • Try disabling other plugins that are used for photo galleries, minifying scripts, widgets, or otherwise altering your site’s appearance, one by one, and really determine if you need it.

If nothing works, please describe your issue and submit a ticket on our plugin support forum, you should receive a reply within 24 hours (except Sunday).

3. Does the plugin support third-party page builders like ”Elementor”, ”WPBakery”, ”Divi”, etc.?

Yes. Simply, generate your shortcode using the plugin’s ”Shortcode Builder” and add it to your favourite page builder.

4. Is the plugin compatible with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, it is. However, do not ”network-activate” the plugin. Activate it only on the subsites on which you need the gallery. This can be done under ”Plugins => Add New” as the Administrator user.


24 april 2024
A plugin that works well without any problems. Thanks to the developers.
5 februari 2024
We have been trying some video plugins also pro versions. This is by far the best and with some awesome Pro features. You are covered in future with integration of YouTube videos on you website. The support is amazing, very skillful and quick Pro response better than you could expect. Highly recommend this video plugin. It’s got all you need.
28 november 2023
Excellent plugin, prompt support responses to our queries. Top-notch!
24 september 2023
Really liked the plugin! The Search by Keywords and by Cahnnel Name is really useful! There is only one thing is missing – the Lazy load functionality, i mean the video should load only after a play button is pressed. I should make the player load on demand. this functionality is already implemented in other youtube plugins. In general, really good job!
23 maj 2023
This plug in is easy to use, and when I had a question regarding CSS, I got a quick response. Very happy with the plug-in.
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  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.7.0).
  • Fix: Livestream API caching issue.
  • Fix: Conflict issue with the Google Site Kit plugin.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: Optimized JavaScript loading.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.6.2).
  • Fix: GDPR compatibility issues.
  • Fix: YouTube Livestream feature stopped working due to a recent update from the YouTube API.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.6.1).
  • Fix: WordPress 6.4 compatibility issues.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Security fix: Broken Access Control. Thanks to Rafshanzani Suhada from Patchstack.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.5.10).
  • Fix: Security fix.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • New: WPML Compatibility.
  • New: POLYLANG Compatibility.
  • New: Support for the ”Muted” option in the player.
  • New: ”Privacy Enhanced Mode” for the player.
  • New: Support for YouTube ”Origin” parameter that adds extra security for the player.
  • New: Options to change the ”Load More”, ”Previous”, and the ”Next” pagination button labels.
  • Tweak: Updated to the Gutenberg API Version 2.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.5.7).
  • Tweak: All the CSS & JS files added by the plugin are minified for better performance.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.5.2).
  • Fix: Performance issues that occurred after upgrading to our 2.1.0 version.


  • New: Sidebar Widget.
  • New: A filter hook ”ayg_pagination_args” for developers to override the pagination args.
  • Tweak: Player initialization has been changed from ”Iframe” to ”Javascript” for better performance.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.4.5).
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: GDPR consent before the playback.
  • Tweak: The plugin front-end has been completely rewritten.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Security Fix.


  • New: Auto Embed Live Stream from a YouTube Channel.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Videos with the ”Unlisted” status on the YouTube website are not showing.
  • Fix: The ”Single Video” source type is broken when the default theme is ”Popup” in the plugin’s global settings page.


  • Fix: WordPress 5.8 compatibility issues.


  • Tweak: Player & Gallery script files rewritten completely for more performance and flexibility.
  • Tweak: Disabled related videos at the end of the video.
  • Tweak: Excluded private videos from the gallery.
  • Tweak: Automatic advancing to the next video when the video is the last on the page. The ”Pagination Type” should be ”Load More”.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.4.2).
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.4.1).
  • Fix: WordPress 5.6 compatibility issues.


  • New: A filter hook ”ayg_script_args” for developers to override the gallery JS args.
  • Fix: WordPress 5.5 compatibility issues.
  • Fix: YouTube API key 403 forbidden error.
  • Fix: SMUSH plugin conflict issues.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: Make URLs as clickable links in the video description.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.4.0).
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: Updated plugin dashboard with a shortcode builder.
  • Fix: Conflict with fitvids.js plugin.


  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.3.0).
  • Fix: Security fix.


  • Fix: Security fix.


  • Initial release.