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BAW Better Admin Color Themes


This plugin adds 4 more colors into your admin/member profile. It changes the ”4 squares preview” with a beautiful gradient preview. You can click on it to select the teme : it changes in real time to preview colors !
I added 4 icon themes for your admin menus, same behavior : click on it to preview.


  • The new colors and clickable gradient
  • The new icon sets
  • My menu with "lavender" color and "Fugue" icons


  1. Upload the ”baw-better-admin-color-themes” to the ”/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ”Plugins” menu in WordPress
  3. Go to your profile page

Vanliga frågor

Can i add more colors?

Yes, WordPress got a function for this : wp_admin_css_color() (check the codex)
You have to create or copy+modify a existing CSS file to set your colors.

Can i add more icons?

Yes, i added a WP like function called : wp_admin_css_icon()
wp_admin_css_icon( $slug, $title, $css_url, $pic_preview_url );
Example of use:
wp_admin_css_icon( ’fugue’, _x( ’Fugue’, ’admin icon scheme’ ), BAWBACT_PLUGIN_URL . ’/css/fugue.css’, BAWBACT_PLUGIN_URL . ’/css/images/menu-fugue.png’ );


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  • 24 mar 2012
  • First release