Bayarcash GiveWP


Accept online donation from Malaysia internet online banking via Bayarcash. Currently, Bayarcash support FPX and Direct Debit payment channels.


  • One-off donation via FPX
  • Weekly & monthly recurring donation via Direct Debit. Deduction happen automatic directly via bank account (flat rate fees). Required Recurring Donations for GiveWP
  • Support multiple Bayarcash account per website
  • Support multiple portal key per donation form for better reporting & finance reconciliation
  • Impose fees to donor. Required GiveWP Fee Recovery
  • Shariah-compliance payment gateway

Register as Bayarcash merchant here


To use Bayarcash GiveWP requires minimum:

  • PHP 7.4
  • WordPress 5.6
  • GiveWP 1.8
  • GiveWP Recurring Donations 2.4 (for Direct Debit)


  • Bayarcash general setting page. Insert your account PAT & portal key to start collection.
  • Enabling Bayarcash on gateway page. You can change label ”Bayarcash” to something more verbose like ”Alhamdulillah Jom Sedekah”.
  • Beside general Bayarcash setting, you can also define per form setting for PAT and portal key.
  • Bayarcash support GiveWP Fee Recovery addon. Impose fees to donor by percentage or flat rate fees.


Make sure that you already have GiveWP plugin installed and activated.

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Search Bayarcash GiveWP and click Install
  4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress

Vanliga frågor

Where can I register as Bayarcash merchant?

You can register as merchant here. We accept organisation that has active SSM certificate, ROS for non-governmental organization (NGO), state-certified for madrasah & sekolah tahfiz and yayasan.

What does it mean by shariah-compliance payment gateway?

Please note that in order for us to comply with our shariah-compliance policy, we do not support organisation involved in:

  • The production or sale of pork, alcohol and alcohol-related activities, non-halal food and beverages, tobacco product (including e-cigarettes), drug paraphernalia, pornography, guns, and other arms
  • Gaming and betting
  • Shariah non-compliant entertainment
  • Conventional insurance
  • Jihadist or terrorist activities
  • Fraud and corruption organization

Click here to view shariah-certificate endorsement by our official advisor Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman from Elzar Shariah Solutions & Advisory.


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  • Fix invalid token/key,
  • Fix missing metabox option.
  • Fix recurring function.
  • Fix missing remark ”RM1.00 bank verification fees” for form with multi-step form layout.
  • Add recurring.
  • Add weekly recurring.
  • Add verify PAT.
  • Enhancements, option to enable/disable phone number field on non-recurring form.
  • Enhancements, standardize ”Purpose of Payment”.
  • Enhancements, set Maximum Email Length to 27 Characters for Recurring Donations.


  • Refactoring and code improvements.


  • Resolve compatability issue with PHP 8.0.


  • Add security measure to ensure server response are not tampered.


  • Add support for multiple Bayarcash accounts for different GiveWP campaigns.


  • Add support for multiple Bayarcash accounts for different GiveWP campaigns.


  • Fix re-query order status update respond mapping from console.


  • Set donation status failed when re-query transaction status cancelled.


  • Improve payment query efficiency by limiting re-query for only Bayarcash payments (payments that have post meta of bayarcash_fpx_transaction_exchange_no).


  • Add re-query when donation status is abandoned.


  • Fix show blank page when attempt to pay on recent GiveWP plugin version.


  • Add response sanitizer and validator.
  • Handle other response exception.


  • Split payment gateway code into its own file.
  • Add cronjob code to re-query payment status from console.


  • Fetch the associated portal key based on the order number during the callback process.


  • Enable portal key customization at meta box for donation form.


  • Replace parameter s3a with RefNo for more user friendly submission request.
  • Replace combination of Portal Auth Username and Portal Auth Password with Bearer Token in order to fit updated Bayarcash console portal requirement.
  • Add parameter payment_gateway = 1 to the transaction request form.


  • Add features to include the transaction fee (tested using GiveWP Fee Recovery plugin).


  • Initial release.