Blogger Importer Extended


The only plugin you need to move from Blogger to WordPress

Blogger Importer Extended is the easiest way to import your posts, pages, tags, comments, images and authors from Blogger to WordPress. You can also enable 301 redirects from old Blogger links to preserve SEO ranking.

Import up to 20 blog posts/pages for free, along with all comments, featured images and post labels. If you have more than 20 blog posts, you may wish to purchase an unlimited license. This allows you to import an unlimited amount of posts, pages, comments, images, labels and authors. You can also choose from some extra options to help with SEO and content formatting.

Blogger Importer Extended can:

  • Import published posts
  • Import pages
  • Import tags/labels
  • Import comments
  • Import images
  • Import authors
  • Preserve all post/page links
  • Setup all 301 redirects from Blogger to WordPress
  • Fix mixed-content (convert http to https)
  • Filter spam comments (good for SEO)
  • Automatically remove ”?m=1” from old Blogger links
  • Enable native lazy-loading on blog post images (greatly speeds up page loading times)
  • Convert post content formatting to match WordPress standards

”I have a huge blog with over 3,800 posts and I was skeptical that it would be imported, let alone be imported well. My skepticism was unfounded. Not only did it move all the posts to my new WordPress Blog but with all the images, all the type definitions, and all the links that I am aware of. I am way beyond pleased. I am thrilled. I will be using this plugin for many of our company’s blog transitions. Thank you for building this outstanding tool. You have my full appreciation.” – Review from terryminion

Why is the free version limited to 20 posts?

The Google Blogger API has a limited quota per day. Offering 20 free imports should be enough for personal blogs without hitting the Google API quota limit. If you have more than 20 posts, or simply want to support the plugin, you may wish to purchase an unlimited license.

What is the difference between Free and Unlimited?

With the free version, you can import up to 20 blog posts/pages, along with all comments, featured images and post labels. If a post has more than one image, the first image will be downloaded to the media library and set as the featured image. Any other images will display in the post content, but will be hosted on Google rather than WordPress.

With the unlimited version, all content is imported into WordPress (unless you select the option to exclude them). There are no limits on the number of posts, pages, comments, images or labels. The only thing which is not imported is draft or sheduled posts.

With both versions, you can setup all the required 301 redirects from Blogger to WordPress.

What if I have A LOT blog posts?

If you want to import more than 20 posts, please consider purchasing an unlimited license. This allows you to import as much as you like. The importer can handle any number of posts you have. We have migrated blogs from Blogger to WordPress with over 120,000 blog posts without any issues.

If you have a large blog, you may wish to consider using our full Blogger to WordPress migration service. This covers all aspects of the migration from start to finish.

Can I use it on more than one site?

You can import an unlimited amount of blogs from Blogger with the free or unlimited version.

Privacy and GDPR

This plugin connects to your Blogger/Blogspot blog via the Google Blogger API. We do not store any personal information in this plugin or connected services.


  • Settings page
  • Importing
  • Success!


  1. Install the plugin by going to the ’Plugins > Add New’ section of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. When the plugin is installed and active, go to the ’Settings > Blogger Importer’ page.
  3. Ths page will show you the 3 steps for migrating your site.


22 september 2021
Excellent plugin. Imported over 200 posts from my Blogger to my WP simply and easily. All post text intact, including links and some formatting. Many recent images imported too (older ones weren't but I don't know if that's because of Blogger rather than this importer. Redirection works like a dream, very easy to set up. Recommended.
20 september 2021
This plugin did exactly what I wanted, and saved a lot of time. It took a while - you have to be patient if you're transferring a long-running blog like I was - but it did it well, picked up if the connection was broken. Very pleased - thanks. Worth the premium version
19 juli 2021
I cannot recommend this plugin highly enough. Yes, there is a price to pay for decent quality software, but in my experience, it's the right thing to do to support developers and ensure the continued development of quality software. This tool performed the import of over 6,000 posts from a Blogspot site for a client of mine and worked flawlessly where other software simply couldn't cope. This is the way to go for Blogspot imports from now on.
6 juli 2021
My blog isn’t huge by some standards but it’s big enough, and it’s in use every day so it was really important to me that my move to WordPress went smoothly. When I had problems (which turned out to be host-related), Phil provided support that went way beyond my expectations and it’s thanks to him and the plugin that my blog is now safely in it’s new home on WordPress. I wouldn’t have been able to solve this without him. Thanks, Phil!
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  • Release date: 26 November 2021.
  • Avoid duplicate pages when importing from the same blog multiple times.


  • Release date: 01 November 2021.
  • Handle new date formatting from Blogger by using UTC as default.


  • Release date: 08 October 2021.
  • Handle new image source format from Blogger.


  • Release date: 28 June 2021.
  • Display title of the latest imported post during import process.
  • Simplify information when import is processing.
  • Fix an issue which with some blogspot domains.


  • Release date: 16 Feb 2021.
  • Make sure import options are passed correctly to the API.


  • Release date: 24 Jan 2021.
  • Show percentage progress in browser tab.
  • Better handling of Chinese characters in image file names.


  • Release date: 20 Nov 2020.
  • WordPress 5.6 compatibility.


  • Release date: 17 Nov 2020.
  • Allow <a> tags in comments.


  • Release date: 24 July 2020.
  • Reduce delay time between import runs to 3 seconds.
  • Bump min PHP version to 7.