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JCC Payment Gateway for Woocommerce


A paid version of the plugin has been released, which is being constantly enriched with additional features, and is available from here

Paid Version Features

  • Regular updates to ensure the compatibility of the plugin with the latest releases of WooCommerce.
  • Regular updates to ensure the compatibility of the plugin with the latest releases of WordPress.
  • Support throughout the installation/setup of the plugin.
  • Troubleshooting issues related to the plugin.
  • Plugin updates through the ”Plugins” section of WordPress using the builtin WordPress updater.
  • MultiCurrency functionality to allow the shop to accept the multicurrency payments available from JCC (EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, RUB) on the checkout page.
  • Added compatibility with custom order numbering plugins (such as booster and sequential order numbering).
  • Save customers’ payment details to be used for One-Click payments, via tokenization, without entering their credit card details.
  • Allow customers to delete their saved payment details from ”My Account” -> ”Dashboard” and on the ”Checkout” page.
  • Allow the Administrator to delete payment details of their customers from the ”Users” menu.
  • Provides to the Administrator the following options:
  • a. Enforce the saving of the payment details of customers, or
  • b. Ask for customer’s consent to save their payment details during checkout.
  • Customers during checkout will be able to choose from saved payment details or add new payment details to perform a purchase.

JCC Payment Gateway allows users to perform payments using the JCC redirect method.
JCC is available only for Cypriot companies and requires JCC merchant account Visit the JCC merchant website.

For customized JCC implementation, you may contact us.


  • Admin settings screen which allows you to fill-in the various fields. All fields are required and needed by JCC Payment Systems.
  • The screenshot shows the payment method under Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payments.
  • The screenshot shows the available payment method on checkout page. The text displayed is customizable through the admin settings screen.


Upload the plugin and activate it.


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Release Date – 12 June, 2020

  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce 4.2 and 4.1
  • Added compatibility for WordPress 5.4.2


Release Date – 21 April, 2020

  • Added compatibility for upcoming extensions
  • Optimizations


Release Date – 11 April, 2020

  • Added an option to restore ResponseURL
  • Added an option to use/restore LIVE or DEVELOPMENT RequestURL
  • Added compatibility for Woocommerce 4.01
  • Added compatibility for WordPress 5.4


Release Date – 22 January, 2020

  • Added compatibility for Woocommerce 3.9
  • Added compatibility for WordPress 5.3.2


Release Date – 13th November, 2019

  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.8.0
  • Added compatibility for WordPress 5.3.0


Release Date – 26th August, 2019

  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.7.0


Release Date – 25th March, 2019

  • Add multi language support
  • Field validation when saving changes on admin form
  • Checks for SSL
  • Checks if WooCommerce is installed and activated


Release Date – 1st August, 2017

  • Initial Release