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BuddyPress Wall


BuddyPress Wall (BP-Wall) turn your Buddypress Activity Component to an activity stream similar to a Facebook “Wall”.

When you install BP-Wall, the members can post status, updates and reply on each other’s walls.

BP-Wall turn the Favorite/Unfavorite module of Buddypress to a facebook “I Like/Unlike” system.

BP-Wall change add a new comment system similar to Facebook.


  • New comment system (Like Facebook) - A member can write a new comment just by typing a comment and pressing Enter to send or Esc to cancel.
  • Write in the Wall of you friend - Member can write in the wall of his friends.
  • Activity Member wall - The Activity tab is now Wall Tab, all activities personal, friends and groups are printed are orderd in one screen : News Feed.
  • I-Like/Unlike system - Member can “Like/Unlike” a post.


Download and upload the plugin to your plugins folder.

Then Activate the plugin.

Vanliga frågor

Buddypress Wall use BuddyPress theme compatibility.

Using Child Theme of the BP Default ?

If you use a child theme for buddypress default theme, you must costumise the plugin template for your theme.

By copying /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-wall/includes/templates/bp-default/ to your WordPress theme you can override the template that comes with the plugin.

The files template will be placed in the buddypress activity,groups and members directory.

9 template should be customised :




For example, to update the activity/activity-wall-loop.php template,
open the template file in your favorite editor or IDE and open the template
activity/activity-loop.php (without -wall-) and replacing the template activity-wall-loop.php
by code from activity-loop.php and keeping only the bp-wall php code (marked between and ) in the activity-wall-loop.php.

for example in activity-wall-loop.php, the

is used to load activity-wall-loop.php instead this code

used in the default buddypress template.

so you must replace the template content and keep the bp-wall script.

Where to find support?

Please post on the WordPress support forum(

For bug reports or to add patches or translation files, visit the Buddypress Wall Github page.


3 september 2016
Nice concept, but Crashed my BP profile page... the developer clearly has abandoned this plugin, so lets not hope for any updates to make it better
3 september 2016
Does indeed work, but after activating there is no submit button for reaction anymore. not workable with mobile phones
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  • Compatibility with Buddypress 2.2.x
  • Fix javascript error : jQuery.easing[this.easing] is not a function.* Fix Notice: bp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly.


  • Fix empty activity title.


  • Work on Multisites Network.
  • Fix bug : notification tab not show on member page.
  • Fix bug when friends and/or groups component is/are disabled.


  • Remove debug messages.


  • Fix bug, Activity feed has numbers after username.
  • Translation ready
  • Add Event keyboard (Shift+Enter) for new line comment.


  • Fix bug, personal Activity is Missing Load More Button.
  • Remove activity filter select from wall Page template


  • Fix error message on the sitewide activity screen.


  • Initial release.