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Citation Manager


Allows for tracking and display of external citations to WordPress content.

While trackbacks and pingbacks are fine for displaying references from other
websites which support them, what do you do when, say, a print newspaper,
book or magazine makes reference to your content? Citation Manager provides
a solution.

Long Description

At a Glance

  • Adds a form to post and page screens to manage external citations
  • Displays an unordered list of citations per post/page, or nothing if there
    are no citations
  • Provides shortcodes for summarizing citation data


  • On the page/post edit screen, press ”Add citation”.
  • Fill in at least the Publication or Title fields and save/update.
  • On pages/posts with citations, Citation Manager will output them after the
  • If a URL element is provided, it will be applied to the Title if present or
    to the Publication if not.
  • Press ”Delete citation” and save/update to remove a citation.
  • Use Settings->Citation Manager to alter the text/HTML to come before and
    after the citation list.
  • You can also configure the presence of the target="_blank" attribute in
    links to external sites when citations are listed, causing those links to
    open in a new browser window.


  • [citation-count-total] outputs an integer indicating the total number of
    citations to all content on the site
  • [citation-count] outputs an integer indicating the total number of
    citations to the present page or post
  • [citation-dump] outputs a nested unordered list of page/post titles and
    citations to them


For support questions, bug reports, etc., please visit the plugin’s
support page


Citation Manager is released into the public domain via the Unlicense.


  1. Download the Citation Manager plugin .zip file.
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Upload the citation-manager folder to wp-content/plugins/.
  4. Go to the Plugins tab.
  5. Activate Citation Manager.
  6. Edit your settings, if necessary.


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  • Fixed citation-dump output escaping, ul/li nesting


  • Fixed citation creation bug introduced in 0.9.4.


  • Added option for target="_blank" attribute in external links
  • Added option to select the sort order for per-post citation display and
  • Completely empty citations will no longer be saved


  • Changed sort order of per-post citation display and [citation-dump] to
    descending by post/meta ID


  • Changed handling of publication and title to allow em etc. tags


  • Fixed HTML escaping for citation listing intro and outro text


  • Initial release