Clover Payments for WooCommerce


The WordPress plugin from Clover allows a merchant using a WordPress based app like Woocommerce
to securely collect card information from buyers and process the payment using their Clover merchant account.
The Payment extension uses an iframe to collect card information. An associated JavaScript tokenizes the card
details by directly communicating with a Clover’s servers. The payment is processed using this token and the
card details are never saved on WordPress or the merchant’s servers. Therefore, this plug-in does not contribute
to the PCI scope of a merchant’s eCommerce site. The plug-in is free for merchants to use and transactions processed
using this plug-in will be charged under the merchant’s account at Clover.

Privacy Statement

Clover privacy statement can be found here.

Feature list

  • Authorize only
  • Capture
  • Charge (Authorize and Capture)
  • Refund
  • Void
  • PCI Compliance through iframe
  • Multi-Lingual Support for Canadian French
  • Payment option with the ‘Pay Now’ Link sent via email


Clover Merchant or Sandbox account
If you are currently not a Clover merchant or do not have a Clover Sandbox account, you will need to sign up for one at
prior to using the Payment extension. You can then use this extension to send transactions to your Sandbox or Production accounts.
We recommend that you test your plugin integration with your Clover sandbox account prior to sending transactions to your production/live

Direct all questions to

Clover Detail Documentation


  • Clover Networks Logo Screen
  • WordPress Plugin Page with Clover Payments for WooCommerce
  • Enable Clover Payments in WooCommerce Settings
  • Plugin Settings Screen – US English
  • Plugin Settings Screen – Canadian French
  • Clover Account Dashboard
  • Clover eCommerce API Credentials
  • Clover Payment Shopping Check with Cart Screen – US English
  • Clover Payment Shopping Cart Screen – Canadian French
  • Clover Payment Admin Order details – card details
  • Clover Payment My account Order details – card details
  • Clover Payment card details on invoice page


PHP version 7.4 or greater
WordPress 5.9.3 or greater
WooCommerce 6.4.1 or greater
Clover Sandbox or Clover Production Account

Ref. the standard WordPress plugin installation procedure for details.

Quick Steps to Install ”Clover Payments for Woocommerce” Plugin
1. Install this Plugin > From WordPress Plugin > search ”Clover Payments” or ”Clover Payments for Woocommerce”
2. Go to ”Clover Payments for WooCommerce” Plugin > Activate
2. Go to WooCommerce > Plugin Settings > Payments > ”Clover Payments” > Manage > Enable
3. Set ”Clover Payments” Plugin – Environment We provide the option for Merchants and Developers to test their integrations against their sandbox accounts prior,
to going live. Select “Production” when you want to send transactions to your production environment
4. Set ”Clover Payments” Plugin – Keys Please visit clover merchant portal to get private and public key
5. Set ”Clover Payments” Plugin – Payment Action and Save Changes
6. You’re done, the active payment methods should be visible in the checkout of your website

Vanliga frågor

Do I need a Clover POS device to use this plug in

No, all you need is a Clover Sandbox or Clover Production Account.


11 april 2024 1 svar
This plugin just doesn’t cut it out of the box. Custom CSS styling of the fields is confusing Does not break out sales taxes or fees in the Clover dashboard – this should be a no-brainer Does not support Tips, Additional Charges, Service Charges etc…honestly it doesn’t even have any configuration options outside of configuring the environment(sandbox/production) it uses and whether the option is auth or auth + capture. Codebase is inconsistent; accesses woocommerce class properties directly (causing errors) in several places, while using the proper getters elsewhere. Running newer PHP versions causes massive error log writes since the plugin creates class properties within constructors without declaring them first. Weird behaviors while filling out the credit card form & poor user experience Requires jQuery but doesn’t register the dependency Plugin & Clover JS SDK (remote script) runs everywhere, on every page, doesn’t limit payment scripts to cart/checkout pages. Zero support from Clover. It’s quite obvious they don’t care much about this plugin beyond making sure it will Activate & Deactivate. If you’re ok with a haphazard plugin then use it; otherwise I recommend finding an alternative or rolling a custom plugin; tbh just change credit card processing companies/gateways and save yourself the trouble.
4 april 2024 1 svar
This is the first time I’ve ever left a bad review. This plugin should be removed from the repository. The support doesn’t exist, it does not work with CAPTCHA, and it’s a card attack magnet.
14 mars 2024 1 svar
The WooCommerce CLOVER Plugin has the following issues: #1 issue: the native WooCommerce plugin doesn’t work at all, and debugging provides no plausible causes or potentials for a ”fix”. #2 Issue: Visually and functionally poorly executed and needs updating badly: —“Card number invalid” shows before you finish typing = negative customer experience and confusion for customers—Unprofessionally aligned text boxes—Undersized card number in text field = lower level of confidence—No credit card logos = lower level of customer confidence—Text fields don’t look aligned nicely.—No option in the plugin to remove the “ZIP” field which is a barrier sometimes for customers who want to checkout quicker. <u>If there was ANY way you could get this fixed</u> it would make a huge effect on your usage of this app on WooCommerce, I would even help champion your adoption into the WooCommerce adoption of Clover.  I would even be willing to pay, or find a developer to take your code and fix / improve it because I believe you have a chance to do even better than Stripe but currently it looks like I am going back to Windows 95! You could set the benchmark for a high quality trust-evoking input field and sequence with the WooCommerce app if some refinement could be made and I HOPE you can find a few funds for your development team to take this seriously. Also, it looks like many other support inquiries seem to be ignored by developers which is a sign that nobody cares about this plugin. I sure wish a new team member could get on board with the maintain and updates of this plugin!
25 februari 2024 1 svar
Crazy how a big company can’t even make a gateway plugin. ”No payment methods available even once configured properly (I do this for a living) and activated.
8 februari 2024 1 svar
I set it up according to the instructions, but it doesn’t actually show up as a payment method. Instructions are not current.
25 september 2023 4 svar
We are a Clover Merchant, formerly with Payeezy. We have been trying for almost a week now to get the fraud filters to work correctly. I have a case # with Clover, because the settings in the dashboard do not work correctly. I am not sure if it is the plug-in or Clover dashboard. Any help would be appreciated. It accepts payments, the problem is it will accept a payment with a fake address.
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Patch Release
* Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.5
* Fixed reCAPTCHA issue


Patch Release

  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.4
  • Added support for reCAPTCHA
  • Customer IP address is now passed in transactions


Patch release

  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.3


Patch Release

  • Logs Cleanup


Patch Release

  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.2


Patch Release

  • Display Customer Information with Orders at Clover Dashboard


Patch Release

  • Fixed Token Reuse issue


Patch Release

  • Display Error Message Updated


Patch Release

  • Added feature to make payment with the ‘Pay Now’ Link sent via email


Patch Release

  • Added feature to show payment card details with order details


Patch Release

  • Bug Fix for Check out with Multiple Payment option selection


Patch Release

  • Added bulk capture failure notifications
  • Added best practices for concurrent rate limiting request handling


Initial Release

  • Authorize only
  • Capture
  • Charge (Authorize and Capture)
  • Refund
  • Void
  • PCI Compliance through iframe
  • Multi-Lingual Support for Canadian French