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Elevate Engagement and Conversion with CocoPopup Gutenberg Block

Introducing CocoPopup, a powerful WordPress popup plugin free designed to elevate your website’s engagement and conversion rates. As a Gutenberg block, you can seamlessly integrate CocoPopup anywhere on your website, especially if you’re using a Full Site Editing (FSE) theme.
With CocoPopup, effortlessly create stunning popups tailored to your brand’s needs. From captivating opt-in forms to attention-grabbing promotional messages, our plugin offers a seamless solution to captivate your audience.
With intuitive customization options and advanced targeting features, CocoPopup empowers you to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Elevate your website’s performance and drive measurable results with CocoPopup today!


CocoPopup offers captivating features to create fully customizable popups with your desired design. Every element of the popup is completely customizable, allowing you to personalize the background, borders, overlays, text, colors, and more. You can incorporate any block you desire, making CocoPopup unique in its design flexibility. Create custom popups to enhance brand awareness. It’s a well-known fact that a page with a well-designed, branded, and properly implemented popup converts better than any other website with annoying and intrusive popups. Make your WordPress popup stand out and unparalleled.


With CocoPopup, we’ve strived to make the interface extremely user-friendly and intuitive for our users, aligning it seamlessly with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Moreover, no special coding is required to use the plugin. Simply select the CocoPopup block and create a masterpiece for your website, utilizing predefined patterns or unleashing your creativity with any block to make your popup unique! As a popup builder, CocoPopup stands out as the best popup WordPress plugin, developed with your time in mind and the desire to create efficient and powerful WordPress popups in just minutes.


Our WordPress Popup Plugin offers a wide range of conditions and events to trigger the popup. In the free version, you have the ability to display the popup using various events, such as page load, specific class, hover, and more. For conditions, you can choose to display it based on the device being used, whether it’s desktop, tablet, or mobile. In the Pro version, you can utilize many other events and conditions, including exit intent, user inactivity, WooCommerce integration, and much more.


We offer support for our popup plugin, available for both the free and, naturally, the pro version. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


This plugin seamlessly integrates with a wide range of WordPress blocks, ensuring compatibility with various design and functionality elements across your website. Whether you’re using default Gutenberg blocks or custom ones, our plugin ensures smooth operation and enhanced flexibility, empowering you to create dynamic and engaging content effortlessly. You can easily create a WordPress popup contact form or any other type of WordPress popup form, making your pop-up forms an integral part of your website’s interactive experience.


  • Create and manage all the popups you desire on your WordPress site
  • You can place the popup anywhere on your site without having to insert code; being a block, it seamlessly adapts to your preferences
  • You can create popups on a single post, page, WooCommerce product, WooCommerce cart, footer
  • As a block, you can customize it as you wish, choosing from various pre-set patterns or unleashing your ideas using any Gutenberg block
  • Customizable close button
  • Fully customizable structure and close button style
  • Entrance animations
  • Popup position within the page wherever you desire
  • Popup close button position wherever you desire
  • Body overflow
  • Dashboard with statistics
  • Dashboard with pro extensions viewable
  • Support


  • Scroll Triggered Popup
  • Countdown Popup
  • Age Restriction Popup
  • Woocommerce Popup
  • Button Adder Popup
  • Exit Intent Popup
  • Inactivity Event Popup
  • Advanced Targeting Popup
  • Schedule Popup
  • Advanced Closing Popup
  • Overlay Filter Popup
  • Analytics Popup
  • Custom Popup
  • Support Premium



The full source code is available on GitHub Repository. Feel free to contribute or report an issue.



The images used in this plugin were obtained from Pxhere and are released under the GPL (GNU General Public License).


CocoPopup was created by Franchi Design.


  • Create a Popup WordPress
  • Set the conditions in block Gutenberg Popup
  • Customize the style and position of the WordPress plugin popup
  • Set an animation Popup and body background
  • Popup ads WordPress
  • Newsletter Popup WordPress
  • Ecommerce Popup Block
  • Countdown Popup Plugin
  • Report Popup Block
  • Popup display statistics
  • Popup closure statistics
  • Popup interaction statistics


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  • CocoPopup Enhance engagement and conversions with CocoPopup.


  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for CocoPopup. Then simply click on the Install Now button.
  2. Now click on Activate button to activate the plugin.
  3. That’s it. You can easily access the CocoPopup block from the Gutenberg editor.


  1. You can download the plugin by clicking the Download button from CocoPopup – WordPress Popup Plugin
  2. Then go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New and click on the Upload Plugin.
  3. The plugin will be instantly installed & activated on your website.
    For more detailed instructions, visit How to Install the CocoPopup Plugin.

Vanliga frågor

How can I integrate CocoPopup on my WordPress site?

Integrating CocoPopup on your site is easy. Simply install the plugin, activate it, and use the Gutenberg block to add popups wherever you need them.

Is CocoPopup compatible with Full Site Editing (FSE) themes?

Yes, CocoPopup is designed to seamlessly integrate with FSE themes, allowing you to enhance your website’s functionality with customizable popups.

How many popups can I create?

You can create as many popups as you want, there is no limit either on the Free or the PRO version.

Can I have more than one popup on the same page?

You can have as many popups as you want on the same page.

How can I set a popup to open automatically?

The automatic opening of popups is already set by default and you can also set the delay you want.

Can I insert registration forms in the popup?

Of course, you can insert as many blocks as you want and related registration forms inside the popup.

Can CocoPopup be used for e-commerce purposes?

Absolutely! CocoPopup is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including e-commerce. You can create promotional popups to highlight special offers, discounts, or new products to boost your sales.

Can I make the popup appear by pressing a button such as a signup form or block?

Of course, just select from the ”On Click Events by CSS Class” insert the class you want to use in your element to make the popup appear.

Does CocoPopup provide statistics for popup views and locations on the site?

Yes, CocoPopup offers detailed statistics for popup views and their locations on your website. You can track the performance of your popups and optimize them for better engagement and conversion rates.


14 maj 2024
This plugin is an absolute game-changer! It seamlessly integrates with my website and adds a whole new level of functionality. The features are robust and easy to configure , makin it perfect for both beginners and seasoned developers. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking to take their website to the next level. Keep up the great work!
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  • Release


  • Fixed ’Inactivity’ extension duplication
  • Added hover color to the closure button
  • Fixed dashboard style
  • Improved closing button typography


  • Sanitized Nonce
  • Escaped content extensions
  • Add link for source code block


  • Updated readme.txt file
  • Added Multilingual translation support
  • Change link support free version


  • Updated readme.txt file