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Confirm Theme Structure


WordPress theme structure is complex and sometimes it is difficult to know which template to change when customizing.
This plugin displays a list of templates used to display the current page.
It recognizes all of the constituent templates, including the parent theme, even if you are using a child theme.

From 2.0.2, it is also possible to extract the configuration template loaded from the plugin folder when using WooCommerce.

Plugin features

While logged in, click [CTS Page Display Info] in the administration bar to display the template used for the currently displayed page and other information.

No Coding
No Setting

All you have to do is install it and you don’t need to do any configuration.
Please display the WordPress admin bar.

”Confirm Theme Structure” is a plug-in of the source which was released around 2013.
Since then, we’ve continued to maintain it, and it’s safe to use even the latest WordPress.
In addition to theme template information, you can also get the following information to help you maintain and check compatibility.

  1. WordPress version
  2. PHP version
  3. Database Information

It’s a useful plugin for creating your own website, customizing themes, and even managing a lot of sites.


Anyone can contribute to the ”Confirm Theme Structure”.
There are several ways to contribute.

  1. Raise an Issue
  2. Plug-in translation different languages
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions on enhancements


  • Click on "CTS Page Display Info" in the adminbar to display the information


This is a simple plugin that just installs and activates.There is no need to set anything.


27 mars 2021
This has really helped me because it shows me the pieces (PHP files) that comprise a page, so I know which piece to edit. This functionality should be core in WP! Thanks much!
19 januari 2019
This plugin displays the template you are using for the display you are using. Easy to understand.
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  • Some corrections to the translation files


  • Change the display name on the admin bar to ”CTS Page Display Info”
  • Added display of database size


  • Added display of database table prefixes


  • Operation check with WordPress 5.7.1
  • Renewal of readme file


  • Changed selector name in confirm-theme-structure.js to avoid conflicts


  • Fixed a display error in the case of non-child themes


  • WooCommerce support


  • Supported version update


  • Adjusted the way it is displayed, including child themes


  • Review of translation items
  • Renewal of readme file


  • Support WordPress 5.4.1


  • Added the display of the database name.


  • Fixed some translation issues


  • Operation check with WordPress 5.3.2


  • Display storage engine


  • UPDATED: Added display of MySQL version


  • UPDATED: Change interface


  • UPDATED: Check with WordPress 5.0


  • Initial release