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Cool Accessibility


This free plugin is intended to help you make your website more accessible.

It is responsive and works on desktop computers & mobile devices

You can dock the accessibility panel to any of the 4 sides in desktops and to 2 sides in mobile devices

The accessibility panel opens from an toggle icon that can be set to any of the 4 corners from the admin option panel

All the icons have a keyboard shortcut so you can control the accessibility from the keyboard even with the accessibility panel hidden
If you know any other language beside English and want to help translating the icons names to other languages please leave me a message with your email

This plugin does not guarantee that your website will comply with any regulations.
You can download it and install it at your own risk.
All information has been obtained from sources, which are believed to be reliable, but accuracy and thoroughness cannot be guaranteed. Readers are solely responsible for how they use this plugin and for their results.

WordPress Admin Options

WordPress Admin Options (under WordPress Control Panel->Plugins->cool-accessibility):
Cool Accessibilty Declaration & Icon Screen position Settings
1. Accessibilty Declaration Page Slug (URL )
default page slug: site_url/website-accessibility-declaration
(Accessibilty Declaration example at the end of this file)
if you have multiple languages and you are using the Polylang plugin, cool-accessibility plugin will pick the parallel page in the current language

  1. Accessability Icon position:
    Bottom-right (default)

  2. Skip menu settings

  3. Highlight link color override

  4. Highlight title background color override

Advance settings for website developers


changing the font size intenially doesn’t affect the tag


toggles the class ’coolaxs_highlight_links’ in all the header tags ( ”:focusable,a” )


toggles the class ”coolaxs_highlight_titles_colors” in all the header tags (’h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6’)


toggles the class ”coolaxs_readable_font”

Keyboard Navigation (Tab / shift Tab icon)

if you want to change things in css – this icon adds the folowing class:

Keyboard Navigation Skip Menu:

the ”skip to page content” message with fixed position is added to the top of the page
with a css z-index:99 (because the zoom-text magnify glass of the cool-accessibility plug-in should be on top of that)
if there is a


nav> tag in the page

so this means that if there is a fixed header on the top of the page its z-index should be less than 99


// the following suffix should be at every animated gif or static so javascript could toggle between them automatically
var str_normal_image = ”_static.gif”;
var str_animated_gif_image = ”_animated.gif”;


the plug in also toggles between these 2 embeded video autoplay modes
so the video will not autoplay upon page load

embeded video


iframe src=”…?autoplay=1″>
embeded video


iframe src=”…?autoplay=0″>

if there is an automatic loop flexslider it stops it:


the plug in adds the following classes so you can further modify your css file:

there is also an automatic image / background image flipping mode if you prefer by the suffix of the image name

if you have 3 images – 1 for normal contrast 2. for dark contrast 3. for bright contrast

add to your normal contrast image / background image the following suffix: ”_normal_to_both”
so your image name becomes:
(or imagename_normal_to_both.png or imagename_normal_to_both.gif)

and provide in the same directory 2 more images (assuming a jpg image type)

if you have only 2 images – 1 for normal contrast 2. for dark contrast
and for bright contrast you use the normal contrast image
then modify your original image / background image to this:
(or imagename_normal_to_dark.png or imagename_normal_to_dark.gif)

and provide in the same directory 1 more image (assuming a jpg image type)

if you have only 2 images – 1 for normal contrast 2. for bright contrast
and for dark contrast you use the normal contrast image
then modify your original image / background image to this:
(or imagename_normal_to_bright.png or imagename_normal_to_bright.gif)

and provide in the same directory 1 more image (assuming a jpg image type)

List of all added JavaScript classes

This is the list of all the classes that the Javascript file adds/toggles so you can modify your CSS file if you want to custom your site to this plugin:
$(’#coolaxs_letter_spacing_group’).addClass(’coolaxs_acivated_button’);// to all the cool accessibility plugin buttons

    $( ":focusable,a" ).addClass('coolaxs_highlight_links');
    $( 'h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6' ).each(function(i, val){ $(val).addClass( "coolaxs_highlight_titles_colors" );   });
    $(val).addClass( "coolaxs_bright_contrast" );   if ( coolaxs_hasBkgcolor(val)  )  $(val).addClass( "coolaxs_bright_contrast_bkg_color" );
    $(val).addClass( "coolaxs_dark_contrast" ); if ( coolaxs_hasBkgcolor(val)  )  $(val).addClass( "coolaxs_dark_contrast_bkg_color" ); 
    $("*,body,a,span,li *").addClass( "coolaxs_readable_font" );    
    $("*").not(':focusable,a,span').addClass( "coolaxs_big_white_cursor" ); 
    $("*").not(':focusable,a,span').addClass( "coolaxs_big_black_cursor" ); 
    $('body').addClass('coolaxs_focus_css_activated');// keyboard navigation

Accessibility declaration example

#### attaches great importance to providing a high quality, professional and accessible service to all residents, including those with disabilities.

Measures are being carried out in order to make this website accessible.

Accessibility adjustments were made based on the recommendations for Intenet Contents at AA rating.

Browsers support:

This website support popular browsers such as:
Mozila Firefox, Google Chrome
Questions about accessibility:

For questions or suggestions regarding accessibility you may send an email to ##########

Email to: ###@#####

Telephone: ##########
Accessibility adjustments that were made:

In order to meet the accessibility requirements, several adjustments were made to the site:

For your knowledge :

The site uses the local storage entries option in the browser to maintain the menu preferences settings and the accessibility of the pages of the site.
This local storage is not sent back to the server and therefore does not provide any information about your browsing.
These local storage entries are deleted when you delete cookies and you can set any browser to delete all cookies upon closing the browser
Or alternatively if you want the accessibility menu preferences to be preserved do not delete the cookies files

Thank you and happy surfing.




Best is to install directly from WordPress

If manual installation is required, please make sure that the plugin files are in a folder named cool-accessibility (not two nested folders) in the WordPress plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins.

You will find Cool accessibility options page in your WordPress admin Plugins panel.

Vanliga frågor

I have updated the highlight links and/or highlight titles overrides colors in the Admin ->PlugIns->Cool Accessiblity Option page , but it doesn’t show up on the website ?

  1. Verify that the checkboxs above the Color Pickers boxs are enabled in the Option page
  2. Force Refresh – Depending on your operating system all you need to do is the following key combination:
    Windows: ctrl + F5
    Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
    Linux: F5


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