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28 juli 2017
Innerhalb von 30 Minuten ist es mir nicht gelungen, einen API-Key zum Laufen zu bringen: deshalb auch keine Videos abspielbar. Sowas nervt, wenn man immer erst sinnlos Zeit verplempern muss.
13 april 2017
Too bad- been looking for 2 days and frustrated trying to display WP hosted videos in a grid…this comes closer than anything so far- but titles and descriptions on videos are so screwed up i cant use it…does not seem to be any support any longer Too bad- could be cool
3 september 2016 1 svar
You can’t use videos that you have on YouTube unless you have an API Key. That’s fair enough, but this plugin doesn’t help you to get that, so if you’re not a developer there’s no guidance on how to do that. So I couldn’t use it with youtube and that’s where all my videos are.
3 september 2016 1 svar
Excelente plugin para insertar videos. Llevo usándolo más de dos años y tanto si se utiliza como widget en sidebar como para insertar en los posts es muy efectivo. Tiene una interfaz sencilla y hace bien su trabajo. Muy útil.
3 september 2016 1 svar
Been using this player for years and the support has always been there. Although I have only had 1 issue (my fault), the help has been there and the plugin stays up to date. The video payer works well with any device we have tested it on and our members love it. THANKS for the great plugin!
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