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CopyLink is a WordPress plugin which places automatic links on text copied from your website.

People copy content from websites they visit and spread it around via email, social media, blogs and other online channels. Content copied from a CopyLink enabled website receives automatic links to pages content was copied from.

User Benefits:

Helps users find original source of information
Simplifies linking process for bloggers referencing your material
Improves the quality of citations on the web
Helps search engines index and serve quality content
Link attribution is optional and not forced on end-user

Webmaster Benefits:

Take control of how your content is linked
Prevent content duplication
Help promote your content and website
Receive valuable and relevant traffic
Earn natural links and improve your SEO

Plugin Features

Attribution prefix (e.g. Via: or Author: ) can be customised in the plugin�s settings page. CopyLink can also track additional statistics such as: IP address, date, user agent, link and copied content. This information can be stored in the database for future reference. Auto-generated attribution is not forced and can be removed by the end user if they choose not to include the link. Live link option is not available when pasting into basic text editors such as Notepad.


  • This is the screenshot of settings page.


Upload the plugin via wordpress dashboard and activate. Setup the plugin under Copylink section.


11 april 2019
The admin interface could be improved but it does the job.
24 februari 2017
I own a gaming review site, and this is by far one of the most needed things I can imagine. If you’re doing an interview, or post any information on something (Anything) this is an amazing plugin to have. I made an interview with a gaming company about a game, and now every time someone references the questions it auto posts the link after they paste it. This helps get peer to peer traffic, but also back links in several sites, and forums. This is something I’m surprised not a lot of people use. IMO it is one of those most needed plugins.
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1.1 2015-05-11

  • Plugin is now compatible with latest version of wordpress