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Counterize II


Simple counter-plugin with no external libs based on Counterize II by Steffen Forkmann

Saves timestamp, visited URl, referring URl and browserinformation in database,
and can display total hits, unique hits and other statistics in WordPress webpages.

Admin-interface available with detailed information.

Counterize II 2.13 doesn’t store any IP information, because this is illegal in some countries (e.g. Germany).
Counterize stores only a small hash to distingiush between different users and to get information about the user count.

External stats page to display in blog posts – visit the sample.

Version 3.0.0 supports WordPress 3.x.x.

Important note: The next versions of Counterize will be available at sample


  1. Deactive Counterize II on the Plugins menu in WordPress
  2. Unzip the package and upload the folder counterizeii to /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to Counterize II on Options page, configurate your settings. Save the settings


After you have installed the Counterize II Plugin, you can see a lot of diagrams on the Counterize II stats page (Dashboard/Counterize II).

Most likely you’d like to have a counter somewhere on your pages, showing XX hits or something like that. Here’s an overview of the functions which can be used in your WordPress sidebar.

New: <!– counterize_stats –> – Shows a complete stats page in one of your blog posts.

echo counterize_getuniqueurl() : Returns amount of unique URl’s that have been shown

echo counterize_getamount() : Returns total hits seen by Counterize.

echo counterize_gethitstoday() : Returns total hits registered today.

echo counterize_getuniquebrowsers() : Returns amount of unique browser-strings that have visited.

echo counterize_getuniquereferers() : Returns amount of unique referers that’s registered.

echo counterize_getlatest7days() : Returns total amount of hits from the last 7 days.

echo counterize_getuniqueamount() : Returns total unique IP’s that’s been seen.

echo counterize_getfromcurrentip() : Returns total hits from the IP that’s visiting.

echo counterize_getuniquehitstoday() : Returns the number of different IP’s registered today.

echo counterize_gethitstodayfromcurrentip() : Returns daily hits from the IP that’s visiting.

echo counterize_return_first_hit() : Returns the date of the first registrated entry in the database.

counterize_most_visited_pages() : Create graph of most visited pages.

counterize_most_visited_ips() : Create graph of most active IPs.

counterize_most_used_browsers() : Create graph of most seen useragents.

counterize_most_used_browsers_without_version() : Create graph of most seen useragents without version.


  1. Unzip the package and upload the folder counterizeii to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Counterize II on Options page, configurate your settings. Save the settings

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Installation Instructions
  1. Unzip the package and upload the folder counterizeii to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Counterize II on Options page, configurate your settings. Save the settings


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  • Corrected installation issue. This should be the last update by me for Counterize II.


  • Development is now continued by Gabriel Hautclocq (me)
  • Chrome is now recognized as well as plenty of other browsers
  • Newer versions of Windows recognized
  • Many other OS have also been added
  • Updated the bot exclude list
  • Many OS version added
  • Updated some old icons
  • Several other improvements have been made to browsniff.php
  • Added a button in the admin interface to refresh the user-agent table (useful if you modify browsniff.php yourself)
  • Distinction between 32 and 64 bits versions of the OS, as well as ARM and PowerPC versions
  • Browsers and OS charts now display a link to the product
  • Fixed garbage alt attribute of the chart bars
  • Cleaner PHP code
  • Cleaner code output (indentation…)
  • WordPress 3.x compliant code
  • WordPress 3.x compliant Readme
  • Unfortunately, most translations should to be updated to reflect the changes. Please allow some time to the translation authors to update it.


  • German translation corrected (thanks to Johannes Parb)


  • Dashboard for WP 2.5


  • no more ip-logging (this is illegal in some countries e.g. Germany)
    counterize stores only a small hash to distingiush between two users
    and to get information about the user count


  • logging postID for later analysis (thanks to Alfred


  • counterize_get_online_users() fixed (thanks to Robbix


  • 2 new functions (thanks to


  • fixed installtion

2.12.1 / 2.12.2

  • fixed folder


  • lots of sql fixing (thanks to Eric


  • XHTML valid (thanks to Julia
  • Japanese version (thanks to Urepko
  • exclude new bots (thanks to – Emanuele)
  • Exclude if referer is the same as url (thanks to – Emanuele)
  • GeoIpTool with new URL ==> (thanks to – Emanuele)
  • Mass-Deletion (thanks to – Emanuele)
  • Bot Yandex added
  • Spanish translation (thanks to Sandra)
  • Database-flush deletes all keywords


  • Italian version (thanks to Emanuele)
  • Russian version (thanks to Ivan
  • Small installation bugfixes (thanks to Thorsten


  • %-Bug fixed (% in graphs on new line)
  • max-Width in Settings (width-fix for firefox)
  • users online
  • browser icons
  • operating systems


  • Minor compatibility bugfixes for WordPress 2.2


  • small Bugfixes
  • All TableNames replaced with function calls
  • LocalizationFramework used
  • DayOfWeek-Bug fixed
  • display only EXTERNAL referers (Thanks to eric)
  • extremly speed up sql queries
  • stats moved back to Manage-Page (only for admins visible)
  • colors in all stats
  • separate statistics page for blog entries
  • Microsoft URL Control-bot excluded


  • custom whois-server
  • moved all files to own folder
  • separate settings/admin page
  • stats moved to doashboard-subpage
  • ref-analyzer ( for keywords
  • keyword-stats (alpha)
  • mysql-version independent table structure
  • don’t show stats, when db is empty (DivByZero)


  • Installprocess for mysql version 4
  • Filter and MapView for most visited ips


  • BugFix – UserAgent


  • New Author: Steffen Forkmann
  • New Table Structure (saves a lot of space and mostly time)
  • Redesigning some functions


  • By mistake (during test) commented out the exclude-function. Once again re-enabled.
  • Added the feature ”top referers” in the admin-interface
  • Added the feature to manually select amount to show in the bar-graphs, instead of default 15
  • Minor stuff, changed text, thicker bars in graphs, now ”unique hits last 7 days” also shown in admin-interface,


  • More bots
  • New function called counterize_getuniquelatest7days() (Curtis)
  • Exclusion of most common images and RSS feeds (SHRIKEE)
  • Don’t use the now() insert call when inserting entries. Use gmdate() instead