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CouponPanel by Feeds4 automates the entire process of displaying targeted coupon content on any WordPress website. Just choose the merchants you want to work with and the CouponPanel plugin will display current coupons and offers from the mechants you select.

To get stated create your free publisher account with Feeds4. Once logged in you can obtain your API token and begin adding advertisers to your coupon datafeed. After your merchants are selected, simply add your API token to the plugin and paste the [couponpanel] shortcode on any page you want to show your curated coupon directory.

CouponPanel will begin to display a directory of coupons from the selected advertisers. Feeds4 keeps the page updated with current offers, tracks clicks and sales, and sends out payments to you at the beginning of the month for the commissions you earn. CouponPanel provides a new way for website owners to monetize your traffic.

Shortcode Preview

// basic advertiser list

// advertiser list with sub id
[couponpanel sid="123"]

Available Parameters

  • sid (optional) – allows publishers to track any transactions earned back to user ids or group commissions together.
  • merchant (optional) – limits the shortcode to display only one merchant.
  • image (optional) – overrides the show/hide images plugin state per shortcode.

Maintained and Supported by

Feeds4 has been supporting publishers and our WordPress plugins since 2014.

Arbitrary Section


  1. Easily install CouponPanel with the WordPress plugin control panel or manually download the plugin and upload the folder feeds4 to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Configure the Feeds4 API

  1. Create a Feeds4 account, login, and choose the merchants you want to work with.
  2. Enter your Feeds4 token to initilize our service.

Display Coupons

  1. Enter the shortcode on any page you want our coupons to display.

Optional Settings

  1. Change the look and feel of the coupons by using the settings tab.


30 november 2019
Your Feeds4 API token is not valid. Please make sure your token is entered correctly. I’m copy – paste, checked. But wrong? Please help me! Thank you very much!
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1.7.0 – 20th January 2022

  • consolidated tabs
  • new coupon styles added
  • new content architecture
  • security enhancements
  • bug fixes

1.6.4 – 28th June 2020

  • added more coupon styles

1.6.3 – 11th October 2019

  • added more coupon styles

1.6.2 – 11th October 2019

  • added affiliate link to merchant image
  • added affiliate link to merchant name

1.6.1 – 12th September 2019

  • added rate plugin box
  • added toggle on merchant selection
  • added drop shadow to coupons

1.6.0 – 12th September 2019

  • changed shortcode to [couponpanel]
  • added single merchant shortcode
  • added merchants tab
  • remove publisher portal tab
  • added choice between default categories or curated merchant list
  • added no images to image selection
  • changed references from stores to merchants
  • changed references from logos to images
  • added new admin .js script
  • security enhancements

1.5.6 – 29th August 2019

  • added attribution links
  • changed extension naming convention to cpnl

1.5.5 – 7th August 2019

  • functions renamed to avoid conflicts

1.5.4 – 24th July 2019

  • security enhancements

1.5.3 – 23th July 2019

  • security enhancements

1.5.2 – 16th July 2019

  • added bootstrap css support for the admin page
  • minor bug fixes
  • initial public release to the WordPress plugin repository

1.5.1 – 12th July 2019

  • added publisher portal tab
  • rename examples tab to shortcodes

1.5.1 – 6th July 2019

  • major version release
  • licensing change


  • code review for WordPress 5.2


  • minor performance tweaks


  • major version release, supports newest version of the Feeds4 API


  • code enhancement for performance improvements


  • minor bug fix


  • minor bug fix


  • major version release


  • minor bug fix


  • minor bug fix


  • minor bug fix


  • major version release


  • fixed known issue with css in loop


  • added custom css


  • no changes