Cybersoldier is a text based battle rap plugin for WordPress. Basic usage is:
Register a user, and create a ”CyberSoldier character dude thingie”.
Find some one to battle.
Create a new battle and go to that battle to start battling. (stuff about moms, and/or ugliness might be a good place to start, but be nice.)
Emails are sent to nemesieses… nemesi? …the one you battle and you to when the other one replies.
Battle is over either when set number of lines are written or set time is out. (ie 10 and 24 hours)

Demo and Download: []


Adds a new user type: cybersoldier, other than that it’s common wp users that battle eachother.
A bunch of shortcodes to be used where suited:
Battles list

To add a battles list to a page, or maybe in a widget or where ever you want it. Use
It can be used in a couple of different ways, you can use the parameters:
ie: [battles_list numberposts=3 content=false images=true]
User page

If a user is logged in the user page can be added to any page. The cybersoldier userpage is also added to the bottom of the ordinary wordpress user page in admin.
Player page

More or less just add this shortcode to a page named cybersoldier, and choose that page as to player page in the settings above.
Soldiers on this site

If you want a list of all the cybersolidiers on the page, use this shortcode:
It can have these parameters.
numberposts = -1. How many soliders to show.
content = false. Show the desription of the player or not.
admin_is_player. If the administrator is one of the players or not. (overrides the setting above in the settings section)
images = true. Displaying the images or not.
Random quote

Adds a randow quote to, where ever it’s placed, ie in a widget or a page. [random_line]

Active Contributors

  • Mattias P Kallio
  • Skärmdumpar

    • My Page, setting up your Cybersoldier.
    • Battle Page where the battle is being, well battled if that's a word.
    • Admin Page with a few settings and instructions for shortcodes etc.


    Install like any other plugin. Once installed go to cybersoldier settings page for more information and settings.
    In short, create a page for the cybersoldier page and add [player_page] shortcode to it.
    Click the ”Update character svg info” to add the images and svg-character stuff. (It is possible, but not all that simple, to add you own svg:s and information, but that’s why it’s not automated)

    There are a bunch of shortcodes and a template (for the battle page) to integrate the plugin in your site.

    Vanliga frågor

    Everything is perfect and noone have asked me a single question. It MIGHT show up some questions here later I guess. 😉


    26 september 2021
    I installed the plugin, it's difficult to understand. The classification codes [cybersoldier_player_page] and [player_page] do not work, "player does not exist" or the shortcode always appears on the screen. You cannot create battles on the front-end, you can only create battles through the back-end, so you have to grant permissions for the "cybersoldier" role so that users can enter the administration desk, impractical, I don't like it. I strongly believe that you should develop a module that allows you to create and edit battles from the front-end. Finally, it would be necessary to be able to record audios and do the battles with voice, it is the essence of rap ... In this way it is a competition of "poets" or "writers". Still, the plugin is interesting to create a different page that promotes culture.
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    Moved things around and went through code thoroughly to accomodate certain security issues. Not many visible changes but more stable, and the code is a lot prettier.


    Fixed some security thing that someone complained about, where administrator, not using WordFence etc, could add script to their own site in some input field. Luckily this is now fixed. Admins of sites using this plugin now have to use the themes editor, ftp, header or footer script plugins if they, for reasons unknown, would want to trasher their own site.


    A bunch of minor stuff, problem with login with facebook-plugin, js files and external content not loaded etc.


    WP 5.7 Version check


    Buttons for creating default pages in Settings
    Minor bugfixes.
    WP Version check.


    • Initial version