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REAL WordPress Sidebar


The REAL Dynamic WordPress Sidebar – Basic Version

The REAL Dynamic WordPress Sidebar abbreviated RDWS solves one major sidebar problem. See it like this.

  • On Page 1 your content is 2500 px height
  • On Page 2 your Content is 750 px height
  • And your Sidebar is 1250 px height
    In this scenario your page is always out of balance because either the Sidebar is to height or the content is to short.
    By wrapping content in an extruder we can solve this problem

You maybe open this page to see hwo we wraped 500 pages in our Sidebar and keeping page balanced – click on Extruder eBook.
Check Out the Pro Version for more features

The REAL Dynamic WordPress Sidebar – Pro Version

To improve the relevance of your content it is a good thing to show different elements on the sidebars for some posts or pages. Current themes give you some areas to publish the widgets, but those areas are static because they show later on the same content in all posts and pages within the template.
RDWS allows you to create as many widget areas as you need. By this you can create your own custom sidebars, adding widgets and manage the place in which pages or post they should take place. Further more you can manage the style by setting your own CSS values over a GUI. With RDWS you can create complex websites, with height relevant content, without writing a single line of code.

Check Out the Pro Version for more features

Existing features of premium Version include:

  • Easy to use and sophisticated backend, it will take you less than a minute to make it work.
  • Add as many Sidebars as you want
  • Manage Connection Globally or Locally
  • Manage Position Top / Right / Bottom / Left side of the page.
  • It is scaleable, you can add as many Sidebars as you like, even within the same page.
  • Manage CSS by using build in CSS Style Editor

Advanced Extruder Concept – Easy to use

  • The Extruder concept allows complete new concepts what you publish in your Sidebar.
  • By this you can publish complete pages, pricing tables, shopping cards, pricelist or what ever, what is very helpful to help page vistors tograb your message faster.
  • Has a heighly scalable Page connection system, to connect sidebars Global (all Pages and / or Posts) or locally to a particular page or Post – no coding needed.

REAL-Dynamic-Wordpress -Sidebar is available in:

  • English


  • Common Problem – either Sidebar is to short, or the page is to long
  • By using an extruder page will be always balanced, no more useless white space
  • In backend (Pro Version) you can create as many sidebars as you want
  • In position (Pro Version) you can decide where the sidebar should take place in the page
  • With page connector (Pro Version) you can decide globally where you want publish sidebard
  • You decide(Pro Version) locally which sidebar you want publish or not publish in a particular Post or Page
  • With GUI Style Editor (Pro Version) you can mange appearance of your Sidebar


The plugin is simple to install:

  1. Download REAL-Dynamic-Wordpress
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload REAL-Dynamic-Wordpress -Sidebar directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  4. Go to the plugin management page and enable the plugin
  5. Configure the options from the /wp-admin/admin.php?page=REAL-Wordpress-Sidebar-Pro/includes/admin.php page

You can find full details


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