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DynaMaker CAD Configurator Integration


With the DynaMaker Plugin for WordPress you can easily display your online configurators in a WordPress page or post, with very few clicks and short setup time.

– Embed your DynaMaker CAD Configurator on your WordPress
– Open your DynaMaker CAD Configurator with a button
– Include page specific meta and preselected choices in url
– Use wordpress login and registration to limit access and enable save / load of configurations in DynaMaker (optional)
– Connect DynaMaker with other services like SendGrid to enable Quotation Requests direct to the sales teams inbox


  • Example with hydraulic calculator
  • Example with visual configuration of housing
  • Example of parametric CAD application with aluminum profiles and racks
  • Example of an embedded DynaMaker CAD Tool on homepage
  • The DynaMaker CAD Configurator block and its settings in the Wordpress editor
  • Where to find the button for adding the Configurator


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  • DynaMaker CAD Configurator Integration
  • DynaMaker CAD Configurator Integration


  1. Obtain a DynaMaker project ID. Use your own or try one of our demo projects, e.g. nlG3smhahc2.
  2. Install this plugin on your site.
  3. Add a DynaMaker CAD Configurator block to a post or page (see screenshot 6).
  4. Configure your block with your DynaMaker project ID and optionally width and height.

Vanliga frågor

What is DynaMaker?

DynaMaker is a cloud-based visual CAD configuration service and is suitable for companies that have an CTO or ETO approach to sales and manufacturing.
DynaMaker lets your clients configure products in the browser and can automatically generates sales and CAD files, which saves a lot of time and money.

How do I develop my first configurator with DynaMaker?

You need to create an account on DynaMaker and login to the online editor. When you have published a project you can obtain that ID and embedd in the WordPress plugin. See for tutorials and info on how to get started.

Can I include multiple CAD Configurators on the same Page or Post?

Yes, simply add another Configurator block from the blocks menu and configure it with the new project ID in the block settings.

How can I test this without a configurator?

Try adding the ID one of our existing demo configurators, like nlG3smhahc2. Just add a block to a selected page or blog post and insert the ID in the block properties (to the right). Or ask for a template project at DynaMaker.


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– Improved readme and examples

– Removed CSS hard coded values on empty inputs to enable style sheet override
– Added DynaMaker authentication with Json Web Tokens (jwt) from Block Properties
– Enable url parameters to be added when editing Block properties
– Enabled border styling from Block properties
– Add block to build buttons with Json Web Tokens (jwt)
– Verified with wordpress 5.8

– Enabled setting of iframe style with css class handle
– Added ID handle to the iframe

– Verified to work with WordPress 5.6

– Initial release