Dynamic Tags is an Elementor addon that adds some useful dynamic tags.

The plugin requires Elementor Pro since it uses Dynamic Tags to set the comparison conditions.

It provides the following tags:


  • Cookies (you can select between all set cookies)
  • Session (you can select between all set session keys)
  • Current-Language (returns current language from WPML or Polylang)
  • Current-Url (returns the actually called url)
  • NumberPostsQuery (return number of posts with a custom query)
  • PodsExtended (supports yes/no fields of pods)
  • Server Vars (returns content of $_SERVER PHP-Variable)
  • User/Author Image (returns the user/author image-url or false if not found)
  • User Role (returns a comma-separated list of current user roles)
  • WidgetContent (returns content of a widget selected by widget-id)

Post Tags

  • Post Content
  • Post Parent
  • Post Status
  • Post Type

Yes/no tags

  • Are Comments allowed
  • Current User Can (can check, for example if user can edit_posts)
  • Is author of post
  • Is feed
  • Is Frontpage
  • Is Home
  • Is Post in category
  • Is Post in list
  • Is Singular


24 februari 2023
”Lo que le faltaba al padre, lo tiene el hijo.” Gracias por este maravilloso plugin!
8 april 2022
I already loved ”Dynamic Conditions” plugin, and now that I’ve discovered ”DynamicTags” I love it even more! REALLY useful, thanks for your work!
1 november 2021
The developer consistently blows our minds with his incredibly useful plugins. Thank you! Please keep up the splendid job.
1 januari 2021 1 svar
With the recent WP update, the plugin makes Elementor crash. It’s unfortunate because I integrated this plugin through my site and now I have to go through and replace the dynamic tags with something native to Elementor.
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  • Fix deprecated warnings


  • Fix deprecated warnings


  • Add session


  • Fix issues
  • Add option to render post-content without wp-filters


  • Release