Easy Notification Bar


Adds a new section in the WordPress customizer so you can easily enable a notification bar on your site. The plugin allows you to enter your custom notification bar text as well as an optional button to display next to your text. Perfect for notifying visitors of a current sale or hot product.

The Easy Notification Bar plugin makes use of the newer ”wp_body_open” action hook introduced in WordPress 5.2.0 which allows the plugin to work better with any theme that has been updated to support the tag. Contrary to other notice bar solutions which rely on absolute positioning, this plugin inserts the notice bar right after the body tag so it should display perfectly without any conflicts on any well-coded theme.

This is a ”static” notification bar at the top of your site. When you scroll down the page it will become hidden which is generally better for usability and SEO.

Live Demo: You can view a live demo for the notification bar on our More Widgets Plugin Demo


  • Easy setup via the WordPress customizer
  • Custom background, color, text alignment and font size settings
  • Optional callout button
  • Responsive design so it looks good on mobile
  • Minimal code (no javascript or cookies required)



  1. Go to your WordPress website admin panel
  2. Select Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for ”Easy Notification Bar”
  4. Click Install
  5. Activate the plugin
  6. A default notification should now appear on your site. If it does not then you need to update your theme to work properly (see FAQ).
  7. Go Appearance > Customize > Easy Notification Bar to customize your notification

Vanliga frågor

Why doesn’t the notification display on my site even though I enabled it?

This plugin makes use of the WordPress core ”wp_body_open” action hook which should be added to every theme header.php file and was introduced in WordPress 5.2.0. You will need to properly add this action hook to your header.php file and or contact the theme developer so that your theme is updated accordingly.

Feel free to ask in the support forum if you need help updating your header.php file. If you are using a free theme on WordPress.org please link to the theme in question. If you are using a premium theme, contact the developers for support since you paid for it.

Can I display the Notification on my homepage only?

Yes! There is a setting available so you can enable display for the homepage/front-page only.

Can I create multiple notifications?

No. This plugin is intended to display a singular notification across your whole site to keep it as simple, fast and straight forward as possible. If you need multiple notifications you should look at using a different plugin.

If there a premium version?

No. This plugin is intended to be free and has everything you need to setup a simple notification bar for your site or homepage. This means there aren’t any upsells, advertisments or branding in the plugin.


9 augusti, 2020
I know everything there is to know about WP coding through my chat help person. In other words, nothing lol. This plug-in worked perfectly. I followed the instructions and had the bar working in 5 minutes. I did it all by myself.
14 juni, 2020
The author should consider adding more documentation to show how to use the different snippets and filters that come with the plugin. Not everyone is a developer, unfortunately.
3 januari, 2020
I'm sure this is a great plugin, no doubt about that. I'm using the OceanWP Theme and I did see that it had this message in the customizer - NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE BAR ON YOUR SITE YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR THEME TO INCLUDE THE WORDPRESS CORE "WP_BODY_OPEN" ACTION HOOK REQUIRED SINCE WORDPRESS 5.2.0. The problem is, I don't have control over what's included in the code of my theme. Nor do I have time to figure it out. My theme updated not too long ago so I can't imagine the theme not being compatible, however the bar would not show up whatsoever so due to that, I can't rate this plugin as well as I wish I could, because I know WpExplorer is a reputable name.
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  • Fixed Issue where the Front page only setting wouldn’t reflect changes in the Customizer.
  • Tested with WordPress 5.4


  • Fixed Customizer issue where disabling/enabling the notification wouldn’t reflect the changes.


  • Added Customizer setting to enable the notification bar for the front page only.
  • Notification functions now run on the wp hook instead of init to better support conditional functions when using the easy_notification_bar_is_enabled filter.


  • First official release