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Publish your spreadsheet online!

  • Simply collect, manage and publish data on your website
  • Use any Excel® spreadsheet or Access® database
  • One click integration with WordPress
  • Simple, intuitive and designed for non-developers

What is dbBee?
dbBee is innovative frustration-free system for fast, simple and really easy publishing, managing, collecting and sharing data stored in Excel® spreadsheets or Access® databases.
Use wizards to create search forms, reports and administration systems without any programming. You can actually do the whole thing within 15 minutes and in just a couple of simple steps. It’s really that easy!

Use fully functional free plan forever, or get more with our paid plans. And… we do have a surprise for you, just register first :-)!

Interested? This is how dbBee system works with WordPress…

  1. Install dbBee plugin(s) on your WordPress site (go to WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins » Add New, type the word dbBee in the search box and click Search plugins button, click Install button on edbbee or idbbee plugin, click Activate plugin)

  2. Register on dbBee – Use simple registration form or use hassle free Login with WordPress or Login with Facebook option

  3. Run one of dbBee wizards, upload your Excel workbook or Access database, answer few simple questions and let dbBee do the magic. If you’re using an Excel workbook, make sure it is formatted properly. Once you are satisfied with your project click “Save and deploy” button

  4. Embed the project – dbBee will provide ready-to-use code for both idbbee and edbbee plugins to seamlessly embed your project into your WordPress web site

Don’t worry you will be done within 5-15 minutes

Fully featured free plan – Use unlimited databases! Create reports! Add, delete or update your data up to 30 records per table / sheet. Free for both personal and commercial use!

Do your job in 15 minutes – It’s not a joke! Within 15 minutes your Excel® or Access® data will be turned into a powerful fully-featured application that searches, browses and previews data from your Excel sheet or Access database, or you can use it for collecting data from your site’s visitors. dbBee will save you a serious amount of money and a lot of time.

No coding at all – The whole publishing process is done by wizards and in just a couple of simple steps that require zero coding knowledge.

Amazing support – We’re here because of you, with main task to make sure you can really enjoy doing your projects. We will help you create, manage and upgrade your applications. Every user is important to us and we honestly appreciate your trust. Please let us earn our salary – contact us using either online chat or ”How to form”.

We invite you to join our beehive and to empower your services by providing what your visitors need the most, the information. By adding searchable front-end reports to your website and by creating back-end administrative system you will enhance your relationship with your target audience. You may also collect new information from your visitors and then generate new reports that will make your business or your project even more interesting to your target audience.

Try now – Its free!

More info

WordPress removes certain html tags because of security reasons, among them <iframe> and <script>. edbbee shortcode is used for embedding dbBee projects to your WordPress page or post as script element.

edbbee params:

  • server – name of dbBee server where your dbBee project is located : [edbbee server=""];
  • projectkey – unique key of your dbBee project: [edbbee projectkey="29ffffffec482318be67844ae1000000...key truncated"]. This parameter is required. There is no default value!;


Usage of edbbee is limited to one instance per page


  • [edbbee] shortcode
  • [edbbee] result


  1. install and activate the plugin on the Plugins page
  2. add shortcode [edbbee server="" projectkey="29ffffffec482318be67844ae1000000...key truncated"] to page or post content


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