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You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

Edgemesh is an enterprise grade performance monitoring and site acceleration service. Built for some of the largest retailers in e-commerce, Edgemesh’s performance monitoring solution provides developers and managers with real-time analytics into your store’s speed across more than 20 metrics.

Analyze page level details, performance by device and even 3rd party applications and API level bottlenecks. Stop guessing and start improving your customer experience today!

The Speed You Need to Drive Real Business Results

Ready to turn performance to 11? Speak to an Edgemesh representative about our comprehensive, easy-to-deploy edge optimization solution that delivers lightning-fast speed for a superior shopper experience and improved business results. See real performance gains in hours not months with zero developer effort required!

Case Studies

Join some of the largest brands in e-commerce and start measuring and improving your customer experience with Edgemesh. View case studies.

Key Features

Measure and Improve
Enterprise grade performance data that gives you insights into how users experience your website.

Deep 3rd Party Analytics
See the performance impact of 3rd party applications including detailed API call analysis.

Adaptive Client Side Cache
Data is not just collected and displayed, but also used to optimize the user experience in real time.


  • Detailed performance metrics with full history
  • Includes performance budgets automatically.
  • Simple summary view for aggregated performance.
  • Break down performance by page and/or device.


Installing this plugin alone will not do anything until you register your domain on the Edgemesh Portal and select a plan. Once your origin is verified, your two week free trial will start and your plugin installation will be enabled.

Here are the quick start installation steps:

  1. Create an account on the Edgemesh Portal.
  2. Register and verify your domain on the Edgemesh Portal.
  3. Install the wordpress plugin through the plugin registry or manually by uploading in your admin panel.
  4. Ensure the plugin is activated.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the documentation.


19 augusti 2019
This one plugin dropped my real page load time by 70% - it’s magic.
31 maj 2019
My page speed on my site was at 12 seconds before using Edgemesh. I installed and within 2 days my site speed has went down to less than 2 seconds. This is crazy. It caches on the client side instead of the server and has improved our site performance so much. If you want to improve your site speed, seriously - download this.
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Edgemesh’s service is automatically updated for minor and patch releases. You will only have to update this plugin on major version releases. The next major version will be 6.0.0.

To view the complete changelog please visit the release page.