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Do you want to create a quality content, and you have no time?

Your site or Blog don’t appear in search results? Your texts are poor and with no redirect? Do you have a difficult for finding sinonims ou you don’t have enough pacience to create good texts resumes?

If your answer is yes for any of this questions, you are in the right place.

Our Technology is designed to help the writers for creating a textual content, making the creation process faster, economic and more pleasant.

Download now, and install it in your site.

Get more online traffic on your website with relevant content automatically posted on your wordpress blog. With content automation, your website will never be outdated. You can now have more visits on your website with relevant content related to your enterprise and company sector.
Increase your traffic with the automation robot Elevaweb you will have more than one automation plugin with content, you will have movement and even more people accessing and standing longer on your website.

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Install Elevaweb from our site by typing in your site address.

Alternatively install Elevaweb via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files manually to your server. After activating Elevaweb, create your account or connect to enable the Elevaweb features.

Vanliga frågor

  1. My site is not publishing posts every day as I selected. What can be wrong?
    The robot post configuration work depending on the updates of the webportal publications and selected category. When is not published in your blog it means no texts are available in the partner webportal.
    Every webportal partner – the source were the content is extracted – has it own publishing schedule, therefore, some webportals post every day for various categories and other post less content for some categories.
    If you chose a webpartner Elevaweb that publishes 3 new posts per week in some category then he will publish a maximum of 3 times on your site to that category. If the partner to publish only 2 new posts a week on that category, it may be published an older or non-text on that date.

  2. What are the negative words?
    Negative words exist as a filter to exclude posts with certain terms and keywords that you do not want to appear on your blog site. The name your competitor, any specific brand or slang terms are some suggestions you can add in the negative words.

  3. I don’t want my blog to show anything that contains the name of my competitor, can I do this?
    Yes. By inserting the name of your competitor in the box ‘negative word’. The robot Elevaweb will read the text through, filter the negative word and publish only posts which do not contain this word.

  4. How will my blog not be punished by Google?
    The Elevaweb robot informs friendly to Google the original contente source, and where it is located, including a link to the full content. Elevaweb uses the tag canonical with partial replication of the full content, a legal recourse, namely, your site will not be punished, as it follows the rules suggested by Google.

  5. I’m having problems with the publishing time zone at my Facebook fanpage. What may be happening?
    When you activate a Fanpage autopublishing, the blog post will be published according to the WordPress selected time zone. Therefore the post may suffer some adjustments when posted on Facebook. You can verify your time zone at the WordPress panel. Go to configuration > General > Time zone > Change if needed.


Superou minhas expectativas

Agora posso otimizar meu tempo deixando que o robô poste conteúdo de forma automática em meu site. Espero ansioso pelas novas versões! 😀
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Whatsapp translation added and faq updated.


whatsapp feature added.


bug fixes.


1 bug fixed.


2 bugs fixed.


autopost status bug fixed.


facebook bug fixed.


bug fixes.


social media bug fixes.


bug fixes.


overall facebook is working fine.


social media added.


3 bugs fixed.


2 bugs fixed.


old data security feature added.


1 bug fixed.


3 bugs fixed, featured image added.


all errors regarding scheduling are solved.


Scheduling is working fine, unwanted code is removed, added universal login feature, dashboard and log pages are working fine.


Reset password issue resolved, after publishing new post the data will not loose, after publishing red colour will not come, Positive word gap is removed.


All the unused variables were removed.


Solved the Issue of fatal Error


Solved the issue of Forbidden Error


Added Generic Functions and API through secure


Updated the curl


Made all function name more than 3 characters


Updated class name prefix with Elevaweb