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Empty Paragraph for TinyMCE Editor


This is a very simple plugin for the default (TinyMCE) editor. It adds
a button that puts in a paragraph which won’t get deleted by the
linebreak-eater (the one that starts munching when you press


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin.

Vanliga frågor

But, typographically speaking, empty paragraphs suck! Why, oh why?

Because sometimes people write poetry and don’t care what typographers
think, and entering HTML code will just disrupt the flow.


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Bidragsgivare och utvecklare

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Bidragande personer



  • make the dot color:transparent (thanks YogieAnamCara)


  • put in a 1px dot, since the unicode char didn’t work for some users
  • gave the paragraph the CSS class ”empty-paragraph”


  • fix urls


  • initial release