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Featured Products Vertical Scroller


You can integrate the Vertical Featured Products Scroller into your site by using a widget or a shortcode.

To mark a product as featured, go to: Products > Products and select the Star in the featured column. Alternatively, select Quick Edit and then the Featured option.

The shortcode is:


Available shortcode options are:

  • id (unique ids are required if you want to use more than one scroller on the same page)
  • num_slides (the number of visible products)
  • speed (scroller speed in miliseconds, default is 5000)
  • category_slug (limits products by category slug)

Example usage:

[wcfps id=”scroller-one” num_slides=”3″ speed=”6000″ category_slug=”shoes”]


Upload the plugin to your blog then activate it.

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Installation Instructions

Upload the plugin to your blog then activate it.


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