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Feed Tweetifier


Feed Tweetifier will give you an extra RSS feed that has a nicely formatted title tag. This is great for using with Twitter RSS feed tools that can push your feed into your Twitter stream.

You might have seen @techcrunch sends its tweets in the format: ”article title by @username”

This tool does very similar and you can customise how your feed looks by creating your own template.

Once that is done you can see your feed at

BEWARE: This tool does not work if you have the FeedBurner redirection plugin.


  • This is the main settings screen
  • This is an example of what the RSS feed looks like (using the settings in the above screenshot)
  • This is an example of a Tweet sent from HootSuite using the tweetified feed shown above


  1. Copy the feed-tweetifier-0.1 directory in your WordPress plugins directory (usually wp-content/plugins).

  2. In the WordPress admin console, go to the Plugins tab, and activate the ”Feed Tweetifier” plugin.

  3. Go to the Options/Feed Tweetifier Tab.

  4. Assign a Twitter username to each of your authors.

  5. Grab your new RSS feed

  6. Go to TwitterFeed, EasyTweets or HootSuite and set up your RSS feed to publish to your Twitter account.

Vanliga frågor

Where is my tweetified feed?

It’s really simple – This can also be uses for subcategories etc.

The feed keeps redirecting to my feedburner feed

The plugin is imcompatible with the Feedburner Feed Smith plugin


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