Filter Everything — WooCoomerce Product & WordPress Filter


New & Cool WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter

Build a powerful faceted filtering system according to any criteria! The plugin filters any Post types including Custom Post types and Products. It is well-designed and contains a lot of useful filtering options.

Filters everything in WordPress & WooCommerce

That is any Post types including WooCommerce Products and custom Post types. For example Products, Posts, Pages, Recipes, Real estate objects, Cars — everything.

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Filters by Any Criteria

They are Categories, Tags, custom Taxonomies, WooCommerce attributes, Custom Fields including created with ACF, Authors etc.

No need to list all possible filters you can create — they can be any, but most popular are:
* Price, Sale price
* Brand
* Product Category, Tag
* Custom Taxonomy
* Custom Fields including created with ACF plugin
* Size, Color – any WooCommerce attributes
* Width, Height, Length, Weight
* On sale status
* In Stock status
* Downloadable, Backordered, Featured product statuses
* Product type
* Shipping Class
* Product Visibility
* Featured image exists/not exists
* Views count
* Cooking time
* Calories
* Author
* … any

Lots of useful filter settings

Including URL variable name, frontend view, logic, sorting and excluding options as well as filter collapsing/expanding, hierarchical structure, tooltips, search field and others.

”Autosubmit” and ”Apply button” modes

”Autosubmit” – filter updates results every time, when you choose option.
”Apply button” – allows you to select desired criteria and updates results after click on the Submit button only.

Step by Step filtering

Allows you to load specific Filter terms in dependency from selection another Filter.


Thus your visitors can faster to filter and to find relevant products or posts.

Compatible with Themes and popular Plugins

Compatible with WPML, ACF, Polylang and others popular. Supports color schemes to allow you easily integrate with your design

Filtering values in any languages

Among them Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi etc

Responsive, Mobile ready

Contains Widgets, Shortcodes, has clean WordPress style UI, Regularly updated, Made for Developers, Lightweight — it’s all about Filter Everything



Filter Everything is also available in a professional version which includes:
– Filtering any Custom WP Queries
– Ability to place Filters on any page including Singular
– Full Compatibility with Page builders like Elementor, Oxygen, Divi, WPBakery Composer etc
– Enhanced SEO options that allows you to adjust SEO for filtering pages
– Clean URLs and Permalinks. Full control over filtering page URLs
– Includes Premium Support
Learn more About PRO version.


  • Common Filters view
  • Filtering Smartphones
  • Mobile views
  • Filter Set with filters
  • Single filter fields
  • URL prefixes settings


Uploading via WordPress dashboard
1. From the WordPress dashboard visit Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
2. Choose plugin zip file and upload it
3. Install and Activate the plugin
4. After installation, you will find a new menu item “Filters”
5. Read the documentation to get started

Uploading via FTP
1. Download the Filter Everything plugin zip file
2. Extract zip file and upload “filter-everything” folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
4. After installation, you will find a new menu item “Filters”
5. Read the documentation to get started

Vanliga frågor

How do I get support?

You can try to find a solution to your problem in the plugin documentation or ask your question on the support forum. PRO version users can get more info about support here.

The Filter Widget doesn’t appear on desired page

Usually if you don’t see the Filter Widget on desired page, you need to:
1. Check if the Filter Everything widget is placed in the correct sidebar (widget area) for this page.
1. Check if the Filter Set post type matches to this post type’s page.
1. Check if the Filter Set location settings matches to this page.
1. Check if all filters terms are not empty and contain at least one post.
Or read please this article

AJAX feature does not work on my site

On those WordPress themes that are created according to the standards, AJAX works automatically. However, if you are having problems, check out the AJAX settings in this article.


15 november 2022
Even the free version works amazing for my website. Its very easy to use and has everything you need. Ive tried 10+ filter plugins, but this one wins!
14 november 2022 2 svar
Hello to all, I have to buy the PRO version because my products are on customn pages. Was not working for me, and 1 week after i asked for a refund. Developer and Envato do not want to refund, while thousands of companies out or there they give you a 15 or a 30 days trial. This is a complete rip off! Also no ticket system to service, on my recomendation use genuine companies, with proper support team. The developer told me than he will not accept a bad review in Envato, so this means is not a free speech on that platform, are many out there wanting to give a good service to all off us. This acting is unacceptable and like a mafia. Wish you a fantastic day!!!
10 november 2022
Great plugin, easy to use and accurate results! Any problem you have the community will of authors will help you out really fast!!
18 oktober 2022
Really useful plugin with great features once you know how to use it. The only improvement I'd want is more beginner-friendly documentation and guides for getting started. Great dev support in the forum though so questions get answered very quickly.
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Release Date – 30 September 2022
* Dev – Added Show more/Show less toggle for filters
* Tweak – Added hooks to make opened by default Folding, Hierarchy and Show more/Show less filters
* Tweak – Optimized JavaScript code to increase speed of AJAX requests
* Tweak – Added hook ’wpc_dropdown_default_option’ to modify default option name in the dropdown view.
* Fix – Hide Show hierarchy field for non-taxonomy filters and for inappropriate views
* Fix – Fixed bug for Numeric filters when Min and Max values were incorrect


Release Date – 31 August 2022
* Tweak – Reduced Chips size


Release Date – 10 August 2022
* Dev – Ability to change mobile breakpoint in one code line
* Dev – Added Czech translation
* Fix – Fixed compatibility issue with the Brizy page builder
* Tweak – Changed the Reset button color to inactive


Release Date – 07 August 2022
* Fix – Fixed problem with Select2 script in dashboard


Release Date – 06 August 2022
* Fix – Fixed problem with Post Meta Num terms if they are used for several post types
* Fix – Added translation for the ”Select %s first” phrase.
* Fix – Fixed color for a filter arrow in dashboard that becomes white with Divi theme.
* Fix – Added additional check for the $screen variable to avoid errors on some customized WP dashboards
* Fix – Fixed compatibility issue with the Brizy page builder
* Fix – Fixed problem with Select2 script in dashboard
* Tweak – Replace makeNoticesDismissible() JS function with common event
* Tweak – Added aria-label to select fields


Release Date – 22 May 2022
* Dev – Updated WpManager->customParseRequest(); method for compatibility with WP 6.0
* Fix – Fixed bug with Grouped product prices and Custom Field Num filter
* Fix – Fixed compatibility issue with Yoast SEO Premium
* Fix – Fixed WP_Queries collecting algorithm to catch all queries


Release Date – 11 April 2022
* Tweak – added A3 Lazy load support.
* Fix – Fixed closed current children term
* Fix – Fixed bug with Custom Field Num prefix that contains ”_” symbol at the beginning


Release Date – 31 March 2022
* Dev – Added Ukrainian translation
* Tweak – Added tip to inactive greyed filters
* Fix – Fixed Sorting widget compatibility problems with Beaver Builder
* Fix – Fixed closed current children term
* Fix – Fixed notice in FiltersWidget.php when Hide empty filter selected
* Fix – Fixed bug with meta value 0 for Custom Field filter


Release Date – 16 March 2022
* Fix – Fixed widget debug messages


Release Date – 15 March 2022
* Dev – Added support for the Polylang plugin
* Dev – Added ”no order” option for the ’Sort terms by’ filter field
* Tweak – Added hooks to display content in Filters widget
* Tweak – Moved bottom controls into separate template to allow users override it
* Fix – Fixed small bug with filter prefixes
* Fix – Fixed validation for URL prefixes


Release Date – 08 February 2022
* Dev – Added Include/Exclude options to a terms list
* Dev – Added ability to specify Parent filter to the current that provides step filtering
* Tweak – Returned back the term matches to the current WP Queried object.
* Tweak – Added support of brand images for Perfect Brands for WooCommerce plugin
* Tweak – Improved situation with WPML when Filter Set is not translatable post type
* Tweak – Added SQL comment to mark filtered SQL query
* Tweak – Added before and after Filters widget actions
* Tweak – Improved some option names and translations
* Fix – Fixed problem with hidden Range slider filter when terms are 0-0
* Fix – Fixed problem with ’isMetaValueSerialized’ method
* Fix – Fixed problem with 0 count of parent tax term if it do not contain posts
* Fix – Fixed bug with ”Hide empty Filters” option when ”Empty Terms” has ’inital’ value
* Fix – Fixed bug with Select2 undefined on some admin pages
* Fix – Fixed bug with port number in form URL for range filter

See changelog for all versions.