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Flance Add Multiple Products order form for Woocommerce


The plugin gives functionality to have the form to add multiple products to the cart and calculate in same page the total
price of the order.
And you also can use shortcode to use the plugin other places. Just place the shortcode where
you wanna put the input form and it’s done !!!

It is non commercial version of the plugin which does not have product attributes show on the form
Pro version has attribites show in the form. and can be found in
Flance Add Multiple Products order form PRO Woocommerce Plugin

More info

Visit the developer website for documentation, support.
The demo of the plugin can be found here Demo page


  • Adding the multiple products to order and submit to the cart
  • Same page order total price calculation
  • Selecting the quantity of product in the form and recalculation
  • Showing the Products from desired category .
  • Showing the product with selected ids
  • Multiple product categories select option.
  • Shortcode for showing the form elsewhere.
  • Widget for placing the form in any kind of sidebar.
  • Fully translation ready.
  • Ajax enabled product adding to the cart.
  • Very easy to use.

Donate link was found


  • Products Forms Page.


  1. Upload flance-add-multiple-product to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Vanliga frågor

can multiple products add to cart form calculate on same page?

yes, it calculates the total price of the products price.

can one click button add the several products to the cart?

yes one clickinc add to cart button add multiple products to cart.

does plugin have the shortcode to add in anywhere ?

yes it has the shortcode.

Does it have attributes show in the form?

not it does not have but the Pro version of this plugin have attributes show.
which can be downloadhere


[flance_products_form product_ids=99,96,93 prod_cat=15]
product_ids is Product ids to show in form.
prod_cat is Products Category Id to show the product from the category in the form.

Comment: Shortcode parameter product_ids is prioritized. Which means that if we have two parameters in shortcode
like [flance_products_form product_ids=99,96,93 prod_cat=15 ] the products with ids 99,96,93 will be shown in the form.
Therefore, if you want to show the products from category you should not use the parameter product_ids.


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