Food Online for WooCommerce


A restaurant ordering system for WooCommerce. Simple to use. Looks smooth with desktop and mobile.

Insert the Menu with shortcode [foodonline] on any page or override the shop page if you so like.

Choose between a one- or two-column menu layout and customize the menu with colors, icons and borders.

With product attributes you can offer your dishes with varieties of size, protein etc.

The plugin is also avalible in a premium version with extended features.
The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons if you want to offer even more product options and with Shipping Zones by Drawing if you need to draw your own shipping zones in to a map.

To display products with a table style, look at Wholesale Order Table.


  • Food Online desktop look

  • Food Online mobile look with Storefront Theme

  • Selection of dish varieties

  • Plugin Settings

  • Side dish example with WooCommerce Add-On

  • Example of alternative icons in the Menu

  • Menylayout med 2 kolumner


After activation, add your dishes as WooCommerce simple or variable products.

With variable products you are able to make a dish with choices of size or protien etc.

Use WooCommerce product Categories to sort dishes under menu titles.

Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Food Online to setup the Menu color, product image style and the popup style.

Vanliga frågor

Is it possible to define the delivery area through a drawn zone?

Yes, Food Online is compatible with the free plugin Shipping Zones by Drawing.

Does this work with WooCommerce Add-Ons?

Yes, from version 1.6 it´s compatible with WooCommere Add-ons.

You could then offer toppings, side dishes and more.

Can you tell me please how to display more than 50 products on shop page?

The free version only allows for 50 products on shop page.

In what order does categories and product items appear in the Menu?

In alphabetical order.

Why does the page reload when I´m removing an item from the minicart?

Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products and check the option ”Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives”.
Then the page will not reload when removing an item from the minicart.


17 oktober, 2019
I have had so many issues with this plugin. I did a process of elimination and deactivated the theme and all other plugins and nothing else conflicts with the JavaScript. I deactivated this plugin and the standard shop page works fine. I purchased the premium plugin and that does not work at all. What's worse is that I cannot get a hold of anyone for support or even a refund. This is a scam, do not purchase.
1 oktober, 2019
I simply cannot get your shortcodes to work. I checked your forum and tried all the suggestions on there. It is a pity as it showed promise.
29 juni, 2019
For now, I am exploring the free version, and found a few minor bugs. Not fully compatible with my favorite theme and behavior of the mini cart needs improvement. Support was quick and gave a temporary fix and promises to push a fix in update next week, a promise he kept and it works fine with my theme now after the update! Only waiting for the fix with the sticky cart for now. Really like this plugin and support of the author. Thanks, Annie
30 maj, 2019
This has been a lifesaver. I plan to purchase the premium version once my client approves the design. Great job and keep it up!
25 maj, 2019
Posee todo lo elemental para iniciar tu restaurante de venta online
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”Food Online for WooCommerce” är programvara med öppen källkod. Följande personer har bidragit till detta tillägg.

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  • Compatibility with YITH Points & Rewards.
  • Improvment of enqueue frontend javascript files.


  • New minicart option with increment buttons.
  • New option to handle sticky behaviuor for mobile devices.
  • New option to display categories in top bar.
  • Some new styling improvments.


  • Bug fix with subcategories that appeared in 2.5.1


  • New option allowing WooCommerce to handle product sorting


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.3

  • More robust error handling
  • Modal new z-value

  • More robust naming of class row (now arorow)

  • Bug fix: Variation form trying to add item without selection

  • Open up possibility for account creation at checkot, user login at checkout and use of coupons
  • Mini-cart css fix with WooCommerce Product Add ons
  • Error messages enabled at checkout

  • Minor css margin adjustment on main element


  • Fix: Shortcode with categories safeup


  • Fix: Javascript error when left bar is disabled
  • Bootstrap compatibility improvement


  • Fix: Script dependency bug


  • Tooltip (jQuery tipTip) fix


  • Better compatibility with Internet Explorer
  • Bug fix: shortcode error fixes
  • Better performance when using sticky sidebars with fixed header


  • Better compatibility with Themes using fixed headers


  • Sticky minicart improvement
  • Better stability regarding Theme conflicts
  • Option to show woocommerce error messages at checkout
  • Fix: not showing price for varaible products
  • Added option to confirm when a product is added to cart


  • Hides products header on shop page only if it is empty.


  • Menu loading optimization and improved robustness with new Menu templates.


  • Menu loading optimization.
  • New product modal settings and templates.
  • Fix: Sticky side-bars stops at end of menu.
  • Fix: Text Domain adjustment.


  • New independent Bootstrap.(Option to disable Bootstrap is not needed anymore)
  • Minicart fixes.
  • New checkout field option.
  • Improved loading performance.
  • Override related products loop at Menu page.
  • Improved compatibility with WooCommerce Product Add Ons.


  • Improved compatibility with WooCommerce Product Add Ons.


  • Fix: CSS broken in version 2.3.4.


  • Fix: Remove button not showing.
  • Fix: Placement of ordertime on mobile.


  • New z-value on Bootstrap modals.
  • Fix: Remove buttons at Cart modal.
  • Reset options at modal opening for WooCommerce Product Add-Ons.


  • Fix: Order time showed at bottom of Menu


  • Added feature to display the time until an order is ready.
  • Fix: Compatibility with Internet Explorer.
  • Added option to keep/remove settings on plugin removal


  • Added advanced option to allow multiple shortcode instances.
  • Restrict bootstrap css to food online elements only.
  • Re-structure of main js file.
  • Memory saving optimization.


  • Sticky right and left bars as option.
  • Smooth scrolling as option.
  • Options to change menu background and border colors.
  • Option to select minicart apperance.


  • New menu titles icons.


  • Bug fix for the shortcode with categories and tags.


  • Included support for categories and tags as options for the shortcode.


  • Fix: Mini cart styling bug.


  • Better compability with WooCommerce Product Addons 3.0.
  • Improved styling of the mini cart.


  • Font Awesome compatibility at the mini cart wherever it is placed.


  • Better pop-up compability when Bootstrap is disabled at the advanced settings.


  • Font Awesome 5 only loads to the active part of the menu for compability with lower Font Awsesome versions.


  • Added support for shortcode [foodonline] at any page

  • Added option to disable Food Online at shop page, which enables to run WooCommerce as ordinary and Food Online at same site.

  • Choose to disable pop-up when adding simple products

  • Added option to show category menu at left side

  • Removed possibility to disable Menu for non-logged-in users


  • Fix a div tag placement, which made problem with widgets ec.


  • Fix bug in WooCommerce compability checker


  • Bootstrap loads only at shop page


  • Renaming of Bootstrap Modal function gives broader Theme compability


  • Admin stylesheets fixes


  • New structure in stylesheets


  • Font Awesome loads local

  • Load optimization


  • Bug fixes regarding mini cart


  • Bug fixes regarding mobile bottom bar


  • Improved mobile responsiveness

  • Removed Popover from mobile cart


  • Ny klass för AJAX

  • Stylesheet improvments


  • Library conflict handling fixes


  • CSS fixes


  • New Menu Layout Options

  • 2 Column Menu option

  • Can handle category names with special characters


  • Bug fixes


  • Options to change icons in the Menu added


  • Compatible with WooCommere Add-ons


  • Handheld footer bar regardless of Theme


  • Added options how to display product popup


  • Added option to disable Bootstrap from loading frontend


  • Style fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release