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Why choose FooGallery? Stunning gallery layouts, responsive, retina-ready, lightning fast, easy to use. Gutenberg Ready! Built to be highly configurable and extensible for developers or freelancers.

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  • 6 Beautiful Gallery templates
    • Responsive Image Gallery – demo
    • Image Viewer Gallery – demo
    • Masonry Gallery – demo
    • Simple Portfolio – demo
    • Justified Gallery – demo
    • Single Thumbnail Gallery – demo
  • Albums built-in! (Activate the albums extension)
    • Responsive Album Layout – demo
    • All-in-one Stack Album – demo
  • Gutenberg ready (Gallery previews inside the new editor!)
  • Lazy loading
  • Simple Pagination (dots)
  • Live previews in admin
  • Retina thumbnail support
  • Gallery Widget
  • Use built-in media library to manage images
  • Drag n Drop reordering of images and galleries
  • Custom CSS for both galleries and albums
  • Copy to clipboard shortcodes
  • Visual shortcodes in rich text editor
  • Gallery picker to insert shortcodes
  • Page usage metabox with one-click gallery page creation
  • NextGen importer tool (albums and galleries and shortcodes)
  • Multisite Support

PRO Features

  • Polaroid PRO Gallery Template – demo
  • Grid PRO Gallery Template – demo
  • Slider PRO Gallery Template – demo
  • Video Support – demo
  • Media Tags and Categories
  • Gallery Filtering using Media Tags or Categories – demo
  • 11 Beautiful Hover Effect Presets – demo
  • 12 CSS thumbnail filters (Instagram) – demo
  • Advanced Pagination – demo
  • Infinite Scroll – demo
  • Multiple Loaded Effects – demo
  • Bulk Copy Gallery Settings – more info
  • More on the way!

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We love the new Gutenberg editor. We have built a really simple-to-use Gutenberg block to add your existing FooGalleries in seconds. And it includes live previews of the gallery too! Also works in WP5 beta!


When you install FooGallery for the first time, the plugin asks you (the website admin) to opt-in so that we can track your usage of the plugin and provide a better service (send you update emails for new version releases and security updates etc). This is optional and not required in order to use the plugin.

From your website point of view, FooGallery never collects or stores any visitor information at all, when someone visits your website.

PHP 7 Compatible

FooGallery has been tried and tested on servers running up to PHP 7.3

Retina Support

FooGallery now comes with built-in support for higher quality thumbnails on retina-enabled displays. No more blurry thumbnails, just crisp thumbnails that look amazing on all devices.

Video Support

FooGallery PRO now supports the creation of video galleries! Import from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED and Dailymotion, or use a self-hosted video from any online source. You can also easily create mixed galleries with both images and videos!

Albums Built In

Albums are now built in as an extension. Simply head over to the extensions page and activate the albums extension. A new menu item will appear that allows you to add albums just as easily as galleries.

Built For Developers

FooGallery was designed to be the most developer-friendly gallery plugin available for WordPress. It was also built on top of a solid extension framework, which means different functionality is separated out into different areas in the codebase. It also means the core plugin is lightweight, but still allowing for the most flexibility.


FooGallery is hosted on GitHub.


  • Gallery Edit Page
  • Visual Shortcodes
  • Gallery Picker
  • Frontend example with default template
  • Album Edit Page


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  1. Upload foogallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You will be redirected to the FooGallery Help page to get your started

Vanliga frågor

Why are my thumbnails so blurry?

Have you enabled retina support for your galleries? To enable retina support, edit the gallery and locate the Retina Support metabox.

Can I add videos to my galleries?

Yes, video is supported in FooGallery PRO!

How do I get albums working?

Simply go to the FooGallery extensions page and activate the Albums extension. If you do not see a button to activate the albums extension, reload the extensions list by clicking the reload button.

Can I build an extension?

Hell, yes! Check out our developer page


augusti 19, 2019
I have tried about 2 picture galleries and so far FooGallery is the easiest and most eye pleasing gallery I have tried.
augusti 14, 2019
I like others tried many free galley plugins - they all seemed ok at first but all had different issues for me.I was also struggling with Foogallery too, mostly down to my user error and Bradvin was fantastic at helping me sort out the issues that I was having so a massive thank you to @Bradvin. So many I tried wanted you to buy a full version before you could get any support but I needed the support to fully evaluate before I am willing to part with any cash. Others look good in the description but then you find after download they are virtually unusable without an upgrade. Thank you again for a great plug in.
augusti 12, 2019
I've tried other free gallery plugins - this, I feel, is the best available. It's responsive and does a much better job (for me) than others that seem to be more highly recommended by many (supposedly) independent reviews.
augusti 11, 2019
I honestly can't fault this plugin, which is rare. It does everything extremely well, it loads fast, there's lots of useful options and its flexible enough for every situation I need. There is just no need to use anything else, its absolutely brilliant! Many thanks to the devs for putting together something so comprehensive.
augusti 6, 2019
What can I say? It does everything I want and in a simple and easy way. You can't ask any more than that.
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  • New : Added filter to override content when creating a gallery page ’foogallery_create_gallery_page_content’
  • Fix : Fixed bug for Justified gallery, when last row was set to hidden
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.8
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.3.0


  • New : Added slider navigation buttons in Slider PRO template
  • Fix : Fixed gallery usage with custom post types
  • Fix : Captions being cut off in portfolio template
  • Fix : Multiple small bugs and tweaks
  • Update : Updated to handle Chrome’s new allow attribute in videos
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.7


  • Fix : Fixed issues with paging introduced in 1.7.4
  • Fix : Fixed conflicts with other lazy loading plugins
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.3


  • New : Major performance enhancements for all galleries
  • New : Performance enhancements with FooBox
  • New : Force HTTPS setting for migrated sites
  • New : FooGallery Gutenberg block gallery search
  • Fix : fixed scroll blocking violation warnings in dev tools
  • Fix : fixed Wistia video import issues
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.2


  • IMPORTANT : Please update to address a security vulnerability.
  • Fix : Security vulnerability
  • Fix : Images caching in certain browsers, not loading
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.2.4
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.13


  • Fix : fixed logo path in admin
  • Update : changed the paging default output to HTML


  • New : Added free trial tab to landing page
  • New : Added demo tab to landing page
  • New : Added support tab to landing page
  • New : Added help with FooBox lightbox in gallery templates
  • New : New setting to override thumb generation test URL
  • New : New setting to output gallery JSON to script block
  • New : Added rating admin notice after 5 galleries has been created
  • Fix : Fixed issues with video support in All-In-One stack album
  • Fix : Support for galleries loading in FooBox
  • Update : updated plugin generator
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.10
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.2.3


  • New : Added setting to render JSON data to script block (fix for some caching plugins)
  • Fix : Compatibility with WPML Media


  • Fix : Random thumbnails not loading in FireFox
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.8


  • Fix : Safari bug with lazy loading
  • Fix : Thumbs not loading with paging
  • Fix : duplicate caption title in some scenarios
  • Fix : clicking html in caption was not loading lightbox
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.7


  • New : added new filter for allowed post types that foogallery can be attached to
  • New : added loop setting for image viewer gallery template
  • New : override sorting in shortcode by providing ”sort” attribute
  • Fix : Beaver Builder javascript error while editing a page
  • Fix : album shortcodes not working in some page builders
  • Fix : attach gallery to post when gutenberg block is included
  • Fix : filtering + paging bugs corrected in some scenarios
  • Fix : multiple small bugs and tweaks
  • Fix : Thumbnail generation tries to use first image in media library
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.5
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.2.2


  • New : Gutenberg FooGallery block (including live gallery previews!)
  • Fix : foogallery shortcode not rendering in certain cases
  • Fix : disabling lazy loading via settings was being ignored
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.1.3 (which fixes fatal Multisite bug)


  • Fix : Theme customizer not loading for some theme/plugin combinations


  • Major version bump to correspond with FooGallery PRO which includes video support
  • New : Upgrade offer to FooGallery PRO for FooVideo customers
  • New : Language setting for load more pagination
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.2
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.1.1
  • Fix : Pagination + Filtering bugs
  • Fix : PHP 7.1 compatibility tests failing for clone
  • Fix : better paging + filtering support
  • Fix : better RTL support in media modal
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements


  • New : GDPR notice in readme
  • New : Update to Freemius SDK 2.0.1
  • Fix : Default captions bug introduced in 1.4.30


  • Fix : Album 404 issues when used on homepage
  • Fix : Dimension attributes missing for upscaling small images
  • Fix : Issue when galleries cannot be added to an album
  • Fix : Lightbox caption mismatch
  • New : Setting for legacy thumb cropping in Simple Portfolio gallery
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.0.26


  • New : Added an album setting to set the gallery title size (h2,h3,h4,h5,h6)
  • Fix : media modal issues with Elementor
  • Fix : media modal issues with Thrive Architect
  • Fix : caption override fix for single thumbnail galleries
  • Update : media modal improvements


  • Fix : Justified gallery issues in certain browsers / devices
  • Fix : Portfolio gallery issues in certain browsers / devices
  • Fix : Use of correct rel attribute for better lightbox compatibility and W3 validation
  • Fix : Removed local translations that were incomplete and outdated
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.0.24
  • Update : language files


  • Fix : Filtering introduced an array initialization construct not working for older versions of php


  • New : Retina support for albums!
  • New : Default crop position setting for attachments
  • New : Speed up gallery previews in wp-admin
  • New : Caption support for Responsive Lightbox by dFactory
  • Fix : Extension loading issues on certain installs
  • Fix : Shortcode copy-to-clipboard metabox works again
  • Fix : Bugs fixes for paging, filtering, FooBox and more
  • Fix : Ensure jquery-ui-sortable is loaded on edit page for some installs
  • Fix : All-In-One Stack Album layout bugs
  • Fix : Reworked extensions listing page logic
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.0.23
  • Update : Freemius SDK 1.2.4


  • Fix : All-In-One stack album fatal error when 2 albums on same page


  • Fix : All-In-One stack album now uses the gallery featured image
  • Added more position options for Single Thumbnail Gallery
  • Added paging output setting
  • Update to latest client side JS 1.0.20


  • New : NextGen importer now includes shortcode replacement
  • New : Masonry gallery supports captions below thumbnails
  • New : Performance improvements for very large galleries (1000+ images)
  • Fix : Bugs fixes for paging, FooBox and more
  • Update to latest client side JS 1.0.18


  • New : added custom ready event setting for overcoming 3rd party jQuery exceptions
  • New : added crop thumbnail option to ’Single Thumbnail’ and ’Image Viewer’ templates
  • Update to latest client side JS


  • Fix : conflicts with WP Rocket CDN features
  • Fix : conflicts with themes or plugins deferring script loading
  • New : Auto-loading of default templates
  • Update to latest client side JS


  • Fix : conflicts with other scripts or plugins using data-src attributes
  • Fix : script moved back to use jQuery ready event, to avoid some conflicts
  • New : Global setting to disable lazy loading for all galleries
  • New : FooGallery Widget!
  • New : Admin notice for Autoptomize users to delete cache on updates
  • Update to latest client side JS


  • Fix : Lazy loading – scrolling galleries in certain scenarios were not loading thumbs
  • Fix : Galleries that were hidden on page load were not displaying correctly when shown
  • Fix : Default gallery settings were not being applied to new galleries
  • New : shortcode arguments applied to gallery for common fields
  • New : HTML caching is disabled by default now!
  • Updated to latest client side JS and CSS


  • Fix : upgrade was calling underfined function


  • Fix : Justify gallery template issues
  • Fix : Masonry gallery template issues
  • Fix : Caption description not hidden when supposed to
  • Fix : Complete rework of thumbnail dimension logic!
  • Fix : Redirection bug on activation
  • Fix : Added checks for galleries causing PHP warnings
  • Fix : Multisite warnings on activation
  • New : Last Row setting in Justify gallery template
  • New : Alignment setting in Simple Portfolio gallery template
  • New : Added more checks after load to ensure gallery layout is correct
  • New : Added lazy loading advanced setting
  • Updated to Freemius SDK
  • Updated to latest client side JS and CSS


  • Complete rewrite of the built-in gallery templates
  • New : lazy loading
  • New : simple pagination
  • New : Live Previews when editing a gallery
  • 260+ updates, changes and bug fixes


  • New : Built in support for FooBox, fixing a lot of issues where FooBox option is not available
  • Fix : More reliable extension active status on extensions listing
  • Fix : More obvious wording for 3rd party plugins when they are not installed


  • Fix : Activation redirect bug showing ”Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”


  • New : Freemius integration!
  • New : Added support for the Responsive Lightbox by dFactory
  • New : New custom class field for an attachment
  • New : Added more system info for better debugging when there are server issues
  • Fix : Visual editor FooGallery edit button
  • Fix : Image Viewer hover effect none now works as expected
  • Fix : Disable HTML caching for randomly ordered galleries


  • New : Force Use Original thumb setting on gallery edit page
  • Fix : PHP warning from thumbnail class since 1.2.19


  • New : Gallery output caching! Saves database requests improving load time
  • New : Gallery usage column in admin gallery listing
  • New : Better support for animated gifs
  • New : Hover icons retina support
  • New : Uninstall button on settings
  • New : Save thumb dimensions per attachment. (needed in future versions)
  • Fix : Extensions refactor and many issues resolved
  • Fix : Better retina support for all templates
  • Fix : Colorize / Greyscale CSS filters
  • Fix : Even better wpthumb compatibility


  • Fix : Handle no settings in retina metabox


  • New : Retina support – metabox per gallery and default settings
  • New : Attachment datasources – backend changes for how images are used in a gallery. (This will allow for new external sources in the future)
  • New : Caption color settings in Simple portfolio gallery template
  • New : Updated to latest Justified Gallery
  • Fix : Better wpthumb compatibility


  • Fix : Yoast SEO Sitemaps fatal error with deleted galleries
  • Fix : Updating pages with deleted galleries throws php warnings


  • Fix : Album admin CSS issues in WP 4.6
  • Fix : Masonry layout issues in WP 4.6
  • Fix : Media attachment fields not updating
  • Fix : Better support for IE10
  • New : Thumbnail generation test admin notice and settings


  • Fix : Shortcode replacing content in visual editor
  • Fix : Gallery hover effect of None being ignored
  • New : ImageViewer language settings for ’Prev’, ’Next’ & ’of’
  • New : Setting to use original thumbnails if available


  • Fix : Simple Portfolio missing captions fix


  • Fix : Simple Portfolio undefined function fix


  • New : support for multiple admin JS and CSS assets for gallery templates
  • New : Added setting to choose Caption Description source
  • New : Crop position can be chosen for attachments
  • New : Albums gallery details modal for setting a gallery URL
  • New : Better shortcode preview in editor
  • New : Editor button now supported if multiple editors exist
  • Fix : Better No-Link support for gallery templates
  • Fix : Compatible with Unyson plugin
  • Fix : Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Fix : Simple Portfolio fixes and tweaks
  • Fix : ImageViewer fixes and better browser compatibility
  • Fix : Changed assets enqueue version to rather use extension version
  • Fix : Album URL fix for permalinks with no trailing slashes


  • New : Added Image Viewer gallery template
  • New : Caption support for default template
  • New : Yoast SEO gallery image support!
  • New : Responsive options for Masonry gallery
  • New : change gallery URL slug for albums
  • New : setting to turn off loading animation in default gallery
  • New : French translation
  • Fix : Support for WP 4.4
  • Fix : All templates – moved all jQuery ready events to vanilla JS
  • Fix : Many gallery template tweaks
  • Fix : allow no default to be chosen in settings


  • Works now with Polylang translation plugin
  • CSS Updates & enhancements to all gallery templates
  • Password protected galleries now work as expected
  • Ability to hide WYSIWYG editor button
  • Updated WPThumb
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes for 1.2.6 release
  • Added 2 new settings to Justified Gallery template (maxRowHeight + Caption Source)


  • CSS load optimizations
  • Updates and tweaks on all built-in gallery templates
  • More robust extension loading
  • More robust upgrades to FooBox PRO
  • Improved copy-to-clipboard
  • Added more hover effects
  • Support for FooVideo


  • Fix for extensions being empty
  • Added support for Multi-site
  • Added esc_url to all places where url is rendered
  • Updated to latest Justified Gallery v3.5.4


  • Many album template updates, enhancements and fixes
  • Many gallery template tweaks and fixes
  • Sort order settings for galleries and albums
  • Added new Single Thumbnail Gallery template


  • Added setting to choose default gallery to copy settings from
  • Fixed bug #45 – gallery fields not showing onload
  • replaced minicolors with spectrum colorpicker
  • Allow gallery fields to have a suffix
  • Added function to render galleries ”foogallery_render_gallery( $gallery_id )”


  • Added albums extension
  • Added custom CSS metaboxes
  • Updated Nextgen importer
  • Fixed many bugs

  • Fixed ”edit gallery” CSS with WP 4.0

  • Fixed ”insert gallery” CSS with WP 4.0


  • Added 2 new gallery templates
  • Added 10+ actions and filters for more customization
  • Countless bug fixes and enhancements


  • first version!