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What is GeoUNIT Maps? Say hello to the powerful and user-friendly Plugin for WordPress that allows you to display maps on your website while ensuring GDPR compliance and protecting your European users’ data. 

The best? With GeoUNIT Maps, there’s no need for opt-ins or cookie consent options. The Plugin is designed to be fully GDPR-compliant out of the box, so you can focus on creating amazing maps and delivering great user experiences.

Make your map web engaging, accessible and safe for users with GeoUNIT!

In addition, there are more options than using it in WordPress: now you can also use it with shortcodes or an Elementor widget to display maps on your website.

Amazed? This is not all. With this plugin Maps your users will be protected, due to the tiles provided by the GoeUNIT Tileserver. That means that unlike other mapping services that may transfer your users’ data to servers in other countries (with insufficient privacy laws), such as Google Maps, GeoUNIT offers superior GDPR compliance and privacy protection for your European users, keeping your users’ data safe and secure by using only servers located in Germany.  🔒 

Now it’s time to create your amazing map with the more secure plugin. Try GeoUNIT Maps today and see why it’s the best choice for GDPR-compliant maps on your WordPress website! 🧑‍💻

Privacy Information & External Services

GeoUNIT Maps uses tiles provided by the GeoUNIT Tileserver, a third-party service from Unit08 GmbH in Germany that offers excellent privacy protection.
The Plugin is designed to be fully GDPR-compliant out of the box, and the only external service it uses is the GeoUNIT Tileserver.
The usage of this plugin and Tileservers is completely free. We do not store any information about your page visitors.
This means that your users’ data is safe and secure. More information about Privacy Policy.



  • Select the GeoUNIT Map Block
  • Select Lat/Long for Marker Position, Zoom level, Map height and Tooltip content
  • See the result on your page


Detta tillägg tillhandahåller 1 block.

  • GeoUNIT Map Block to display GeoUNIT Map.


Supported implementations

✅ Elementor
✅ Gutenberg
✅ Shortcodes


  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Now it’s time to activate the plugin! How? Through the Plugins > Installed Plugins, search for GDPR & DSGVO Compliant Maps | GeoUNIT Maps. Next, click ”Activate”.
  3. Open any page in Gutenberg, Elementor or use the shortcode to add a map and customize it like you want.

Let’s create your map! 🗺


  1. First, you need to get your coordinates📍 (lat,lng), which is where the marker will be placed. You can search for it on this website introducing the localization you want to fix in the map.

  2. Time to create the map 👉 Edit any Page and search for the GeoUNIT Maps Block or Element depending on your page builder or use the shortcode
    [geounit height=220 lat=48.8934784 lng=8.6994072 zoom=15 content=” markercolor=#21409a disablemarker=false][/geounit]

  3. Adjust the coordinates, change colours and other settings to your needs.

It’s that easy! Now you have your secure map on your website! 💻

Vanliga frågor

Are shortcodes supported ?

Yes, shortcodes are supported. The shortcode is called [geounit]. The possible attributes are ’lat’, ’lng’, ’zoom’, ’height’, ’content’, ’markercolor’ and ’disablemarker’. But default values will be choosen if attributes are not given.
[geounit height=220 lat=48.8934784 lng=8.6994072 zoom=15 content=” markercolor=#21409a disablemarker=false][/geounit]

I can`t see a Map ?

WordPress RestApi must be enabled to see the map.

Do I need to calculate latitude & longitude myself?

No, you can get the latitude and longitude on some websites like

I’ve installed the plugin, now what?

In the section of Installation, you have step by step on how to create a map on your website with GeoUNIT, and how to personalize it.


29 juni 2023
Exactly what i needed. Installed it, set the coordinates and voilà. No more headaches with compliance, cookies, API Key and other time and money consuming bla bla bla
26 april 2023
This plugin solves my common problem to eliminate Google Maps and replace it with a easy way to use Map. Pros: no registration or API neccessary. Just used the shortcode and got my nice styled map. The performance is sufficient for my purposes. Thank you guys!
3 april 2023
No more 2 click or cookiesolutions needed. Makes the webseite look better with instant shown maps. Thx to GeoUnit maps, works like charm
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  • Fix Elementor loading Bugs
  • Add Client cache control


  • Add Elementor resizeable marker
  • Fix Elementor map not shown in frontend
  • Add Tile cache for faster loading
  • Add Settings page
  • [Premium] Add new mapstyle


  • Add Gutenberg resizeable marker
  • Fix Elementor dragging
  • Fix Gutenberg theme picker styling
  • Fix Elementor ”flying” tiles
  • Fix Gutenberg missing initial marker
  • [Premium] Add Gutenberg custom marker icons
  • [Premium] Add Gutenberg multiple marker support


  • Fix Elementor map id


  • Fix missing zoomcontrol
  • Fix Gutenberg overlapping components
  • [Premium] zoomcontrol can be enabled or disabled


  • Fix Gutenberg custom class support
  • Fix Elementor resize issue
  • Fix Controls text-decoration
  • Fix JS error if no content specified
  • [Premium] First version
  • [Premium] Add mapstyles
  • [Premium] Add infobox to display permanent informations


  • Added HDPI/Retina Support


  • WordPress 6.2 compatibility
  • Added Elementor marker content html wysiwyg support


  • Added Elementor widget support
  • Added shortcode functionality [geounit]


  • Fix Problems if permalinks used


  • Fix Problems with Rest URL when WordPress is installed in a subfolder
  • Fix Tooltip if content is present


  • Initial Release