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Google CSE


This is not another iframe embed or AJAX result listing plugin. Instead search results from your Google Custom Search Engine is served via WordPress search listing. No need to customize your theme or search box.

You’ll need to get an Google API key and a Google Custom Search Engine ID for it to work.


  • Search results sorting by relevance
  • Works with all post types
  • Multisite & network support

Check out the GitHub repo for the latest development on this plugin.




  • Search Results
  • Settings


  1. Place the plugin (google-cse/ directory) in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Enter and save your Google API key and Google Custom Search Engine ID.
  4. You’re done, celebrate with a cup of coffee?

If you want to use images from the Google result in your search result (search.php) use $post->cse_img for image URL.


8 februari 2017
Hi. I get this ERROR: "Custom Search API" service isn't enabled in the APIs Console while Custom Search API is enabled. please help me to fix this problem and i will change the rating. thank you
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  • Added support for Phrase Search.


  • Excluded admin from search hook


  • Added Settings link to Plugins index
  • Added option for disabling post matching


  • Fixed memory leak caused by the query used to fetch posts by url.
  • Fixed post variables WordPress was looking for.
  • Fixed images returned by search results playing nicely.


  • Added in featured images from Google results (use $post->cse_img for image URL)
  • Fixed pagination bug


  • Added more descriptive error messages to admin
  • Disabled SSL check for


  • Using native WordPress methods for remote requests


  • Settings
  • Search result cache