Hello Dolly


Detta är inte bara ett tillägg. Det symboliserar hoppet och entusiasmen hos en hel generation, sammanfattat i två ord, som gjordes odödliga tack vare Louis Armstrongs sång: Hello, Dolly. När du aktiverat tillägget kommer ett en framslumpad rad ur sångtexten Hello, Dolly uppe i högra hörnet på alla sidor i admin-panelen.


Does what it says on the tin but repetitive

This plugin is automatically installed onto all Bluehost websites which is hilarious. You obviously have the choice to activate it and you also have the choice to uninstall it. However, if you go to one page then another then back to that page again, it gets the same lyrics, "repetitive". Two out of three times (for the first two times) when I went to "Installed Plugins", it said "Dolly'll never go away". It's a bit repetitive (like this review) but I'd love this for another song.

Please Remove

It may have been cute at one point but please remove it as default install.

The talisman for WordPress

Hello Dolly was one of the very first WordPress plugins to be ever created. It came in May 2004 with the release of WordPress 1.2, which introduced the plugin architecture for WordPress. The reason for it’s inclusion as a default plugin is mainly tradition.
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