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Helpinator Quick Publish


Helpinator uses WordPress XML-RPC API to publish content, however lots of consequetive requests that occur when you publish a large project make the whole process slow and sluggish.

Helpinator Quick Publish plugin for WordPress extends XML-RPC API by adding helpinator.quickpub method that accepts compressed publish/update package file that it unpacks and performs requested operations on pages and images.


Manual installation: download a zip file containig the plugin and copy the contents to wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress installation.

Automatic: locate the plugin in the plugin directory of and click ”Install”

Note that you need to activate the plugin before using it.

Once the plugin is activated you can check ”WP site has enabled Helpinator Quick Publish Plugin” in ”Publish to WordPress” dialog.


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Release Date – 09 July 2019

  • Added template and parent page support.


Release Date – 14 January 2019

  • First release.