Ignore Or Disable Plugin Update


There are cases where we might not want to update a plugin right away.

  • It can be a major version jump, possibly with edge-case bugs or deprecated features.
  • It can be a minor version jump, which doesn’t always justify a diff to make sure custom hooks still work.
  • It can just be because we want to wait a few days, to let other people confirm that everything works correctly (or to check that nobody is screaming ”broken site” in the support forum).

Whatever the reason, it could be helpful to temporarily hide these updates. Unlike other update management plugins, Ignore Or Disable Plugin Update Update works on a version-per-version basis.

Ignore Or Disable Plugin Update adds an ”Ignore update” link in the WP Plugins listing page, and one the WP Updates page.

You will be able to:

  • Ignore a plugin update for a chosen amount of days
  • Ignore a plugin update until the next version
  • Permanently ignore all future updates for any plugin
  • Unignore plugin updates at any time by going in the ”Plugins”->”Ignored Updates” WP menu
  • Control admin notifications
  • [Premium] Automatically delay the apparition of plugin updates
  • [Premium] Integrate WordFence to get security warnings on your installed plugins (WordFence plugin and plan not required)
  • [Premium] See warnings from the ”Plugins” and ”Updates” pages
  • [Premium] Automatically unignore vulnerable versions
  • [Premium] Prevent ignoring vulnerable versions
  • [Premium] Get informed in real time by email


The free version of the plugin is not compatible with multisite. For multisite compatibility, you will need the Premium Business Plan.

Plugin auto-updates

Our plugin will respect your plugin auto-update settings. You won’t be able to ignore specific plugin versions if auto-updates are activated.

Third Party Services

We use the services of Freemius,Inc as a Merchant of Record to handle payment, licensing, and billing information.
Their privacy policy can be consulted here.


  • The ”Ignore update” link on the Plugin listing page
  • The ”Ignore update” link on the Updates page
  • The prompt asking for a number of days
  • The ”Ignored Updates” management page


  1. Visit the Plugins page within your dashboard and select ”Add New”
  2. Search for ”Ignore Or Disable Plugin Update”
  3. Click ”Install”

Vanliga frågor

Will this plugin slow down my site?

It will have no impact on site speed whatsoever. The plugin only launches for users that have the ability to update plugins.


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  • Freemius SDK updated to 2.7.0


  • Improvement: Some strings were rephrased to improve their translatability


  • Fix: Typos in some translatable strings


  • Fix: some translatable strings that couldn’t be parsed by WP
  • Added JFG Media as author and contributor
  • Tested up to 6.4.2


  • Initial Release