Influenseller Plugin


The plugin is looking at the landing URL, and if there is a value for ’ads_id’, it will save it on the browser cache.
Next to it, the plugin is relays on a third-party call ( to send the ads_id and IP of the customer to record enterance of the customer to the website.
The services’ terms of use:

When the customer make a payment, if the ads_id has been saved on the cach, the third-party call ( to send purchase amount and number of items.
The services’ terms of use:

Influenseller is a British company whose goal is to help small-medium businesses to find the right advertisers and connect them to improve their sales.
With the platform, the companies can find out how many sales are coming from each advertiser and charge them the right amount.

The company is registered in England with the name Influenseller ltd.


Upload the file in the plugin directory


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