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Invoice for WooCommerce


Generate easy invoice for WooCommerce. VIES VAT number validation and VAT number field. Translatable Invoice – Allows you to make an invoice in any language. First go to WordPress Dashboard -> Invoice for WooCommerce. Set values and save the changes. Then go to the order. Add invoice number and download the invoice. The plugin is not intended for Saudi Arabia and there is no VAT validation for Saudi Arabia.
* Automatically add billing fields.
* VAT number field.
* Attach invoice PDF buttons to the orders.
* Create your own templates
* Download the PDF invoice.
* Translatable Invoice – Allows you to make an invoice in any language.
* Invoice VAT Numbers Field.
* VIES VAT number validation.

Premium Options

  • Generate and download invoices in two languages.
  • Exchange Rate for the second language.
  • Invoice Footer Text.
  • Activate Ivoice Field – Grounds for zero rate for European companies.
  • For EU companies and Digital Goods. If you’re selling digital products, Remove the tax when the user provide real VAT number.
  • The customer self-declare their address.
  • Show in the orders list. How many times the invoice was downloaded by the user.
  • Show products in the orders list.
  • Send E-mail.
  • Invoice QR Code.
  • Activate user download. The user can download the invoice from his account.


Install via Plugins > Install New

  1. Search for ”invoice for WooCommerce”
  2. Click the ”Install Now” link
  3. Click ”Activate Plugin”


  1. Unzip the ZIP file and drop the folder straight into your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Thanks a lot Ian N Back

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Is there a tutorial?

See the Tutorial


19 april 2021
Massive and in-depth work from the developer. A must-use for all shop owners that run their business in EU. Handles the VAT hell effortlessly. You just import a CSV file and it automatically calculates all the tax rates for you. So you can stop worrying about invoicing and finally focus on making sales.
17 juni 2019
I just want to say. I try many other invoice plugins but this is all in one. Many thanks for this free invoice plugin.
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2.1.1 April 20 2021

  • ADDED: Settings Link
  • ADDED: How to Use

2.1.0 April 19 2021

  • ADDED: Premium Options
  • DELETE: Unnecessary Images
  • CHANGE: Logo Image Size

2.0.0 March 09 2021

  • ADDED: VAT number field
  • Invoice VAT Numbers Field.
  • Compatible with European Legislation.
  • VIES VAT number validation.

1.2.4 June 12 2019

  • REMOVE Additinal Information
  • ADDED: Help Icons

1.2.3 June 10 2019

  • ADDED: Download invoices from the My Account page
  • ADDED: Flags

1.2.2 May 29 2019

  • DELETE: Default VAT
  • CHANGE: New Icon
  • ADDED: TAX Field Float Number
  • ADDED: Top Submit Button

1.2.1 May 28 2019

  • DELETE: Footer VAT text
  • ADDED: Translation
  • ADDED: Description
  • CHANGE: Logo Size


Initial release of plugin – 24 May 2019