JHK FAQ is a simple and lightweight plugin that allows you to easily create and manage frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can provide concise answers to common queries and improve user experience on your site.


  • Easy-to-use custom post type for FAQs.
  • Intuitive admin interface for managing FAQs.
  • Display FAQs using a shortcode or a customizable widget.
  • Attractive and responsive design options for seamless integration with your theme.
  • Organize FAQs with categories and tags for easy navigation.

Design Options

JHK FAQ provides several design options to ensure that your FAQs seamlessly match your website’s look and feel.

Available Layouts

  • The default layout is used if no specific option is added to the shortcode.
  • For a simpler look, you can use the ”simple” layout by adding this shortcode: [jhk-faq layout=”simple”].
  • Opt for a design with subtle tones by adding the ”subtle-tones” layout shortcode: [jhk-faq layout=”subtle-tones”].
  • To display vibrant colors in your FAQs, utilize the ”vibrant-color” layout shortcode: [jhk-faq layout=”vibrant-color”].


For any questions, feature requests, or issues, please contact our support team at info@jhkinfotech.com.


  • Default layout
  • Simple layout
  • Subtle tones layout
  • Vibrant color layout


  1. Upload the jhk-faq folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the ’FAQs’ menu in the WordPress admin to create and manage your FAQs.

Vanliga frågor

Can I use this plugin with any theme?

Yes, JHK FAQ is designed to work seamlessly with most WordPress themes. You can also customize the styling to match your theme’s design.

How do I display the FAQs on my website?

You can use the [jhk-faq] shortcode to display the FAQs on any post or page. Additionally, the plugin provides a customizable widget that you can add to your sidebar or any widgetized area.

Can I organize FAQs by category or tags?

Yes, you can categorize your FAQs by creating FAQ categories and adding them while creating or editing FAQs. Similarly, you can use tags to further group related FAQs. You can then use the [jhk-faq category="category-slug" tag="tag-slug"] shortcode to display FAQs from specific categories and tags.


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Add customized design option for new layouts.


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