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Jine Optins Popups & Bars



Jine Optins helps you build your email list & increase profits by adding more subscribers with popup, exit intent lightboxes and other types of high converting optin forms.

What the plugin does:

  • Adds high converting widgets (Popups & Bars) on the website based on your settings – either when a user is leaving the website, after a specified time duration, after the visitor scrolls, or when the visitor reaches the bottom of the page.

Free Version Includes:

1. Design Your Own Widgets

  • Choose from multiple themes for Email Subscription, Social Sharing, Offer/Landing Page Redirection, Chat Activation, etc.

  • Customize the theme and messaging according to your requirements – Text, Images, Colors, Fonts etc

2. Configure Behavior of the Widgets

  • Triggers – Exit Intent, Page Load, Time Delay, Scrolling a certain height of the Page

  • Three types of Exit-Intent – Based on mouse movement, Clicking Browser Back button, Clicking Internal or External Link

  • Widgets with multiple themes for Email Subscription, Social Sharing, Offer/Landing Page Redirection, Chat Activation

  • Ability to create multiple Widgets based on various triggers

3. Integrations with Email Marketing Services

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign
  • Sendy
  • Store Emails Locally
  • Other services coming soon

4. Chat Integrations

  • Zopim Chat
  • Live Chat (coming soon)

Paid Version Includes: [with a 5 day free trial]

  • Responsive Widgets on Mobile & Tablet Screens

  • Showing Widgets on specific Pages instead of all Pages

  • Show widgets on pressing the back button on mobiles

Exit Popups are the best way to engage visitors leaving your website. Easily add various types of exit popups with social buttons, offer images, yes no question popups, email subscription forms, Mailchimp, Aweber & Infusionsoft integrations and much more.

Why you’re going to love Jine Optins

  • This is a Lightweight plugin that will not slow down or clog up your website.

  • The popups only show when the user is about to leave your website. It will not show when the user is on the scroll bar, or navigating within your website.

  • Awesome support – here help you be better at what you do.

  • Multiple well tested & high converting themes.

  • Widget Imagery & HTML Design Services – Need a custom image made for your popup? or a custom HTML form designed? We would love to assist you with that.

If you have suggestions for a new add-on, feel free to email us at Thanks!


  • Choose from more than 15 themes to create fully customizable widgets.

  • All the elements on the theme can be edited and customized. Choose from various fonts, colors & button styles.

  • The real power of your widget lies in its configurations. Choose from various options and target the right visitors.

  • All email popups come with a free auto responder service that allows you to send a customised auto responder to everyone who subscribes to your list.


  1. Click on ”Plugins” -> ”Add new”.

  2. Type Jine Optins in the search bar.

  3. Click on ”Install now”.

  4. Click on ”Activate Plugin”.

Vanliga frågor

Installation Instructions
  1. Click on ”Plugins” -> ”Add new”.

  2. Type Jine Optins in the search bar.

  3. Click on ”Install now”.

  4. Click on ”Activate Plugin”.

1. Is this a free exit popup?

Yes, this popup comes with both free and paid version. In the free version, you can add social share buttons and offer images in the exit popup. For a small fee you can activate the ’custom HTML exit popup’, using which you can add your own HTML/CSS/Scripts to the exit popup.

2. What are the types of exit popups that I can have on my website?
  • Social Share – Adds a social share buttons such as Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Tweet & Google Plus to the exit popup on your website

  • Linked Image – Take your visitors to an offer/discount page or to your latest post. This is a popup with a linked image.

  • Email Subscription / Custom HTML Popup – For a small fee you can activate the ’custom HTML exit popup’, using which you can add your own HTML/CSS/Scripts to the exit popup.

You can also integrate your existing email subscription tools such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft using this feature. All you have to do is just add the code provided by these platforms into the popup and you are set to go!

  • Yes No Popup [ Question Popup ] – Ask your visitors a question and engage them or even better – inspire them to sign up for your email list.

  • Survey Popup (Coming soon)

  • Age Verification Popup (Coming soon)

3. Can I suggest new features?

By all means, please do. We would like to know how you are using this plugin & any features that you think will make life easy for you. Send me a quick mail on

4. Does this popup show when a user has clicked on another blog post?

You have full control over the popup settings. You can fire the popup when a visitor is leaving the page, on page load, when a visitor scrolls, when a visitor reaches the bottom of the page, show the popup only on specific posts/pages, show the popup when a visitor clicks on an external link – you name it, the setting is there.

5. Can I use Mailchimp with this popup?

Yes, you can integrate Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, MailChimp, Send in Blue, Stream Send, Sendy or any other tools that you use to store and manage your email lists. Just choose your provider add the code that these platforms give you to the popup and you are all set to go.

6. Where is your data stored?

When you install Jine Optins, all the plugin related data is stored on our servers. For example – the themes, scripts and the images. This is so that as soon as we release a new theme or a new feature – You are able to use it. However, please note that all the widgets you create, your widget settings and your email list are stored on Your own servers.

In the future, we also might send anonymous usage data back to our servers so that we can make the plugin better, easier and faster to use.

Please feel free to email us on for further clarifications.


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