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24 november 2023
How can you get the plugin to work if they reject your merchant application? You can't, because then they won't give you the required API key.More of a problem with the onboarding process than the plugin. But still. They don't make it easy. Who knows why.No reason given.My guess is that they discriminate against the financially poor.🤷‍♂️They, like zip, only prefer to do B2B with businesses that are already thriving. The plugin shouldn't even be in the wordpress directory in that case. The whole point of is that it is open-source, open to all.Discriminating against buyers is one thing. (as some don't always pay, sure, understandable)Discriminating against sellers is quite another... Easier to set up Klarna, AfterPay.
11 februari 2022
We disabled the Laybuy plugin via the payment options tab in Woocommerce but it still shows to customers at checkout even though it has clearly been turned off. Recent support requests mention the same issue for other users but Laybuy doesn't respond and hasn't updated the plugin for months despite the issue.
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