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23 februari 2024
We are LOVING Leaky Paywall and all its flexibility and insights! Jeremy has been a great help getting us setup and answering our questions. Leaky’s flexibility, insights, and extensions make it an excellent alternative to some of the big subscription management platforms out there today. Leaky+Stripe = Win!
17 augusti 2023 1 svar
Spent hours setting everything up only to have it do nothing. The signup portal works but there’s no paywall showing, no ”nag”. Tried both methods offered. Even tried customizing my own CSS tag to make it work… Whats the point of a paywall that doesn’t hide content? And what’s the deal with charging $400 a month for your pro addons? I will never pay that much to have recurring subscriptions. You realize the top paywall plugin only charges $180 a year for all the same features, right?
10 juli 2022
I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit trying to figure out how to configure a metered paywall/view limit paywall for my site. I’m not confident a hard paywall would work as well to trigger subscriptions at my site, so I felt it necessary to do a lot of research on the best metered paywall plugins, and I tried several of them. There are plugins other than Leaky Paywall that can give you a metered paywall, and some of them have easier setups and lower costs. However, Leaky Paywall is the only metered paywall plugin I’ve found that enables me to track site visitors by their IP addresses. Every other metered paywall plugin I’ve tried tracks site visitors with cookies, and that’s a non-starter for me. If visitors can get unlimited access to my content by deleting their visits to my site from their browser histories (which, of course, takes seconds), why would they pay for a subscription? I’m sure some might out of principle, but that doesn’t eliminate the major undermining of my profitability that would come by using a cookie to track visitors. On some browsers, or with some browser extensions, visitors might not even have to delete their histories to gain unlimited access to my content, if I tracked them with a cookie. If you try to get around metered paywalls at major sites like the Wall Street Journal by deleting your cookies, it won’t work, and why would it? How can you charge for content if the content isn’t protected? It’s bizarre that I can’t find another plugin that offers a metered paywall based on tracking IP addresses. What are all these plugins trying to accomplish by giving their customers artificial paywalls? You need to install a Leaky Paywall add-on to track by IP address, which costs extra, but I don’t see another option. I give four stars instead of five because the cost is pretty high, and I’ve wrestled with the setup, but Leaky Paywall has become more reliable over time, and it offers a capability that’s hard to find.
11 maj 2022 1 svar
Needs clearer instructions. Took 2 days to figure out.
8 mars 2022
We implemented Leaky Paywall on a client’s site, and when we ran into issues the devs at Leaky Paywall were quick to respond and resolve the issue. I appreciate their rapid response and great support. The tool is very versatile and exactly what we needed for our client.
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