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18 juni 2024
Was it so difficult to add a field in the api responses: valid_license? true, false.
1 juni 2024 1 svar
The plugin owner should be ashamed of themselves. They are stealing and copying over features from other plugins, selling them within their overpriced pro version. When installing the plugin and the pro version, you’re facing a lot of PHP issues and errors. I can not understand why so many people are still using this plugin. There are better solutions out there.
18 maj 2024
I have problems with version 3.0.6, but I managed to overcome them. By investigating plugin files I found where the bug lies and have sent my suggestions to plugin developers in hope they will incorporate it in the next version. Honestly I´m dissapointed today, because in 3.0.7 version the bug still persists, obviously my suggestions were not implemented. Pity, I had to install previous version with my modifications, luckily I have backed it up before update.Other than that the plugin is working as it should, sending keys after order is completed, generate keys, etc.
14 maj 2024 1 svar
It is hard to choose the reason for this 5-star rating because not only the software does what is expected and more, but the developer has demonstrated being astounding in both support and development (the product has been coded in an excellent way).Hard to find a gem such as this
19 april 2024 1 svar
We’ve been using the free version for our subscription-based website for more than a year with no issues at all. Then upgraded to a premium license to avoid generation of new licenses on subscription renewals. Using the premium plugin, licenses were no longer emailed to our clients. I did everything to narrow it down, and it was clear that the problem was the premium plugin – since reactivating the free version solved the issue.I contacted the support and documented everything. Three months later, their support is still completely incapable of solving this. At one point, they accepted that it was an error in the plugin. Sent me ”an updated version” – that suspiciously had the same version as the existing plugin (1.1). I installed it and was anything but surprised to see that it still didn’t work. The last drop was the claim that it was another plugin that caused the issue. I will be applying for a full refund. Which I will probably never see. Stay away from this plugin. They are absolutely daft and uncapable to solve anything.
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