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MemeOne is a plugin for creating Internet memes online.


  • Settings Page
  • Posters Page
  • Plugin’s form
  • Users can select a background for their memes
  • Meme generator


  1. Unpack .zip to the ’/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Embbed the plugin into your page by adding a shortcode [memeone_plugin]

Vanliga frågor

Does this plugin save original pictures people upload?

No, it does not.

The font looks weird. It is different from the font I’ve seen on the most memes on the Internet.

The most commonly used font for memes is called Impact font. But unfortunately, I’m not allowed to redistribute it due to the licensing issues. However, you can purchase it yourself and use it on your website if you want to.

I found a bug or have a question which is not on this FAQ. What do I do?

Please email to and describe the problem. I will fix as soon as possible.


12 februari 2018
The config shows up and I can put the code somewhere and build a meme. But no confirmation shows up and the created memes never show up in the pending post where they’re supposed to show up. Also I cannot upload any of the background memes. Too bad this meme seems to have depricated. It must have been a great one when it was new.
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Bidragsgivare och utvecklare

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Bidragande personer

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Option added to publish memes right after creation.
Minor ”Settings” page rearrangements.
Minor UI improvements.


Fixed error caused by the previous update when generator form was not loading properly.


Proper support for WordPress MU added.


Support for WordPress MU added.


Fixed bug when plugin was not working properly with permalinks style set to ”Default”.


This is a major update.

Live Preview is now available.
All image processing is now done on the client side using HTML5 and JavaScript.
Can now create WordPress posts with memes as content.
Backgrounds added. Users can now select backgrounds for their memes as well as upload their own.
”Thank you” page is now editable from the ”Settings” page.
List of created memes is now a separate page in the Dashboard.
Donate button added to the ”Settings” page.


Minor bugfixes


Resizing algorithm fixed




Fixed bottom line spacing bug


Fixed incorrect dimension calculation for square images


Fixed error when deleting a meme from admin panel


Can be displayed via shortcode [memeone_plugin].
Cusomizable fonts.
Possibility to automatically resize images for better space management.